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53061 BWN HTE PASS Running status

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EExpected06:15 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Barddhaman06:15Right TimeYet to start
2Talit06:2306:24Right Time7 km
3Khana Jn06:3106:32Right Time13 km
4Galsi06:4006:41Right Time22 km
5Paraj06:4706:48Right Time29 km
6Mankar06:5506:56Right Time37 km
7Panagarh07:0507:06Right Time47 km
8Rajbandh07:1307:14Right Time55 km
9Durgapur07:2207:24Right Time63 km
10Waria07:3407:35Right Time73 km
11Andal Jn07:4607:48Right Time80 km
12Raniganj08:1608:19Right Time88 km
13Kalipahari08:3208:33Right Time101 km
14Asansol Jn09:0009:08Right Time106 km
15Barachak Jn.09:1409:15Right Time111 km
16Sitarampur09:2109:22Right Time115 km
17Kulti09:2809:30Right Time120 km
18Barakar09:3509:37Right Time123 km
19Kumardubi09:4209:43Right Time126 km
20Mugma09:4809:49Right Time130 km
21Thapar Nagar09:5609:58Right Time136 km
22Kalubathan10:0410:05Right Time140 km
23Chhota Ambana10:1210:13Right Time149 km
24Pradhankhunta10:3410:35Right Time155 km
25Dokra Halt10:4210:43Right Time160 km
26Dhanbad Jn11:0011:20Right Time165 km
27Bhuli11:2711:28Right Time168 km
28Tetulmari11:3511:36Right Time174 km
29Nichitpur11:4311:44Right Time179 km
30Matari11:5111:52Right Time184 km
31Gomoh Jn12:2013:05Right Time194 km
32Telo13:2113:22Right Time203 km
33Chandrapura13:3813:40Right Time211 km
34Rajabera13:5713:58Right Time215 km
35Tupkadih14:0914:10Right Time220 km
36Bokaro Stl City14:2014:25Right Time226 km
37Radhagaon14:3314:34Right Time233 km
38Pundhag14:4514:46Right Time243 km
39Kotshila15:0715:08Right Time254 km
40Jhalida15:2215:23Right Time266 km
41Tulin15:3215:33Right Time274 km
42Muri15:4815:50Right Time278 km
43Silli16:0216:03Right Time285 km
44Kita16:1916:20Right Time293 km
45Gautamdhara16:3916:40Right Time308 km
46Gangaghat16:5917:00Right Time323 km
47Tatisilwai17:1417:15Right Time333 km
48Namkon17:2417:25Right Time339 km
49Ranchi17:4517:50Right Time343 km
50Hatia18:10Right Time350 km