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53062 HATIA BWN PASS Running status

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EExpected07:55 25 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Hatia07:55Right TimeYet to start
2Ranchi08:1008:15Right Time6 km
3Namkon08:2408:25Right Time11 km
4Tatisilwai08:3208:33Right Time17 km
5Gangaghat08:4308:44Right Time27 km
6Johna08:5708:58Right Time37 km
7Kita09:1909:20Right Time54 km
8Silli09:3109:32Right Time62 km
9Muri09:4509:50Right Time68 km
10Tulin10:0110:02Right Time73 km
11Jhalida10:1410:15Right Time81 km
12Kotshila11:0411:05Right Time92 km
13Pundhag11:1911:20Right Time104 km
14Radhagaon11:2911:30Right Time114 km
15Bokaro Stl City11:5512:00Right Time121 km
16Tupkadih12:1512:16Right Time127 km
17Rajabera12:2712:28Right Time132 km
18Chandrapura12:4012:45Right Time136 km
19Telo12:5312:55Right Time144 km
20Gomoh Jn13:2014:30Right Time153 km
21Matari14:4914:50Right Time162 km
22Nichitpur14:5915:00Right Time168 km
23Tetulmari15:1715:18Right Time173 km
24Bhuli15:2715:28Right Time179 km
25Dhanbad Jn15:5016:40Right Time182 km
26Dokra Halt16:4916:50Right Time187 km
27Pradhankhunta16:5716:58Right Time192 km
28Chhota Ambana17:0717:08Right Time198 km
29Kalubathan17:1617:17Right Time207 km
30Thapar Nagar17:2217:23Right Time211 km
31Mugma17:2717:28Right Time217 km
32Kumardubi17:3317:34Right Time221 km
33Barakar17:3817:39Right Time224 km
34Kulti17:4317:44Right Time227 km
35Sitarampur17:5017:52Right Time232 km
36Barachak Jn.17:5817:59Right Time236 km
37Asansol Jn18:2018:30Right Time241 km
38Kalipahari18:3718:38Right Time246 km
39Raniganj18:4818:49Right Time259 km
40Andal Jn18:5718:59Right Time267 km
41Waria19:0619:07Right Time274 km
42Durgapur19:2019:22Right Time284 km
43Rajbandh19:3019:32Right Time292 km
44Panagarh19:4019:42Right Time299 km
45Mankar19:5119:53Right Time310 km
46Paraj20:0120:03Right Time318 km
47Galsi20:0920:10Right Time324 km
48Khana Jn20:3420:35Right Time334 km
49Talit20:4120:42Right Time340 km
50Barddhaman20:50Right Time347 km