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53524 BRKA ASN PASS Running status

Departure03:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Jan 2019 2:15
1Barka Kana03:00Right TimeYet to start
2Barkakhana Avoiding03:0903:10Right Time3 km
3Ranchi Road03:1603:18Right Time9 km
4Karmahat03:3303:34Right Time16 km
5Chainpur03:4303:44Right Time21 km
6Jogeshwar Bihar03:5303:54Right Time26 km
7Danea04:0304:04Right Time34 km
8Dumri Bihar(E)04:1504:16Right Time45 km
9Gumia04:3204:33Right Time52 km
10Bokaro Thermal04:4404:45Right Time58 km
11Jarangdih04:5404:55Right Time63 km
12Bermo05:0405:05Right Time67 km
13Amlo05:1405:15Right Time70 km
14Phusro05:2505:26Right Time72 km
15Bhandaridah05:3705:38Right Time77 km
16Chandrapura05:5605:58Right Time84 km
17Telo06:0906:10Right Time91 km
18Gomoh Jn06:5007:30Right Time101 km
19Matari07:4607:47Right Time110 km
20Nichitpur07:5307:54Right Time115 km
21Tetulmari07:5908:00Right Time121 km
22Bhuli08:0608:07Right Time126 km
23Dhanbad Jn08:1708:20Right Time130 km
24Dokra Halt08:2708:28Right Time135 km
25Pradhankhunta08:3308:34Right Time139 km
26Chhota Ambana08:4108:42Right Time145 km
27Kalubathan08:5008:51Right Time155 km
28Thapar Nagar08:5508:56Right Time159 km
29Mugma09:0009:01Right Time164 km
30Kumardubi09:0609:07Right Time169 km
31Barakar09:1209:13Right Time171 km
32Kulti09:1609:17Right Time175 km
33Sitarampur09:3309:34Right Time180 km
34Barachak Jn.09:4109:42Right Time184 km
35Asansol Jn09:50Right Time189 km