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53526 BSB BRKA PASS Running status

Departure07:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Sep 2018 2:15
1Varanasi Jn07:00Right TimeYet to start
2Kashi07:1207:13Right Time5 km
3Vyasanagar07:2507:26Right Time11 km
4DDU07:5008:00Right Time19 km
5Ganj Kwaja08:1108:12Right Time26 km
6Chandauli Majhwar08:2108:22Right Time35 km
7Saidraja08:3108:32Right Time43 km
8Karamnasa08:4108:42Right Time52 km
9Dhaniachha08:4908:50Right Time58 km
10Durgauti08:5708:58Right Time63 km
11Bhabua Road09:0709:08Right Time72 km
12Muthani09:1809:19Right Time78 km
13Pusauli09:2809:29Right Time86 km
14Kudra09:3709:38Right Time94 km
15Khurmabad Road09:4409:45Right Time101 km
16Shiu Sagar Road09:5209:53Right Time106 km
17Kumahu10:0010:01Right Time112 km
18Sasaram10:1010:15Right Time120 km
19Karwandiya10:2110:22Right Time127 km
20Pahaleja10:3010:31Right Time133 km
21Dehri On Son10:3810:43Right Time138 km
22Son Nagar Jn10:5010:51Right Time143 km
23Bagaha Bishnupur11:0011:01Right Time151 km
24Ankorah Akorha11:1111:12Right Time159 km
25Barkisalaiya11:2111:22Right Time166 km
26Nabinagar Road11:3111:32Right Time173 km
27Kajrat Nawadih11:4111:42Right Time182 km
28Japla11:5311:58Right Time189 km
29Haidarnagar12:0512:06Right Time196 km
30Kosiara12:1512:16Right Time202 km
31Muhammadganj12:2512:26Right Time208 km
32Satbahini12:3512:36Right Time215 km
33Untari Road12:4512:46Right Time220 km
34Karkatta12:5512:56Right Time226 km
35Sigsigi13:0413:05Right Time230 km
36Garwa Road Jn14:1514:25Right Time236 km
37Tolra14:3414:35Right Time242 km
38Rajhura14:5114:52Right Time252 km
39Kajri15:0115:02Right Time259 km
40Daltonganj15:1515:20Right Time269 km
41Chianki15:2615:27Right Time277 km
42Kechki15:3515:36Right Time284 km
43Mangra15:4515:46Right Time291 km
44Barwadih Jn16:0016:10Right Time297 km
45Chhipadohar16:1716:18Right Time306 km
46Hehegara Halt(E)16:2716:28Right Time314 km
47Kumendi16:3816:39Right Time325 km
48Bendi16:4616:47Right Time331 km
49Latehar16:5716:58Right Time337 km
50Demu17:0617:07Right Time344 km
51Richughutu17:1517:16Right Time352 km
52Chetar17:2517:26Right Time360 km
53Tori17:3717:42Right Time370 km
54Mahuamilan17:4817:49Right Time376 km
55Mccluskieganj18:0318:04Right Time392 km
56Khalari18:1118:12Right Time398 km
57Ray18:1918:20Right Time405 km
58Hendegir18:3218:33Right Time419 km
59Tokisud19:2919:30Right Time427 km
60Patratu20:0120:03Right Time434 km
61Bhurkunda20:1420:15Right Time443 km
62Barka Kana20:30Right Time453 km