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54107 ALD JNU PASS Running status

Departure17:00 Right Time
Platform 7
Yet to start
Updated22 Oct 2018 2:15
1Allahabad Jn17:00Right TimeYet to start
2Prayag Jn17:1317:18Right Time6 km
3Phaphamau Jn17:3117:32Right Time13 km
4Tharwai17:4017:41Right Time18 km
5Sarai Chandi17:4917:50Right Time25 km
6Phulpur18:0518:06Right Time36 km
7Ugrasenpur18:1618:17Right Time45 km
8Barya Ram18:2518:26Right Time51 km
9Janghai Jn19:3019:35Right Time60 km
10Jarauna19:5419:55Right Time69 km
11Barsathi20:0820:09Right Time75 km
12Bhanaur20:2020:21Right Time82 km
13Warigaon Newada H20:3020:31Right Time86 km
14Mariahu20:3820:40Right Time90 km
15Shudnipur20:5120:52Right Time95 km
16Salkhapur21:0221:03Right Time100 km
17Kajgaon Terhwan H21:1121:12Right Time104 km
18Zafarabad Jn21:2621:27Right Time107 km
19Jaunpur Jn22:10Right Time114 km