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55528 PNBE JYG PASS Running status

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Patna Jn-PNBE
EExpected15:30 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update25 May 2018 2:18
Yet to start
1Patna Jn15:30Right TimeYet to start
2Rajendranagar T15:3815:40Right Time2 km
3Patna Saheb15:4915:51Right Time9 km
4Banka Ghat15:5916:00Right Time16 km
5Fatuha16:0616:08Right Time21 km
6Khusropur16:2416:26Right Time30 km
7Karauta16:3316:35Right Time36 km
8Teka Bigha H16:4616:47Right Time40 km
9Bakhtiyarpur Jn16:5316:55Right Time45 km
10Athmal Gola17:0417:05Right Time54 km
11Barh17:1317:15Right Time63 km
12Punarakh17:2417:26Right Time73 km
13Mor18:0718:09Right Time81 km
14Mokameh Jn18:2018:22Right Time89 km
15Tall Jn18:3318:34Right Time93 km
16Hathidah Jn Upper18:4618:47Right Time97 km
17Rajendra Pul18:5518:56Right Time100 km
18Dinkar Gram Simaria20:0020:01Right Time103 km
19Barauni Jn20:2020:40Right Time110 km
20Teghra20:5320:54Right Time117 km
21Bachwara Jn21:0721:08Right Time126 km
22Dalsingh Sarai21:2221:23Right Time137 km
23Nazirganj21:3221:33Right Time145 km
24Ujiarpur21:4221:43Right Time151 km
25Samastipur Jn22:0022:05Right Time161 km
26Kishanpur22:1622:18Right Time171 km
27Rambhaddarpur22:2522:27Right Time177 km
28Haiaghat22:3622:38Right Time182 km
29Thalwara22:4822:50Right Time187 km
30Laheria Sarai23:0123:06Right Time194 km
31Darbhanga Jn23:2023:30Right Time198 km
32Sakri Jn23:4823:53Right Time217 km
33Pandaul00:0100:03Right Time225 km
34Madhubani00:2500:30Right Time234 km
35Rajnagar00:3800:40Right Time244 km
36Khajauli00:5300:55Right Time253 km
37Jaynagar01:50Right Time266 km