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55537 KIR SPJ PASS Running status

Arrival11:51 Right Time
Departure11:53 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Oct 2018 2:15
1Katihar Jn08:35Right TimeYet to start
2Semapur08:4808:50Right Time11 km
3Karagola Road09:0009:01Right Time22 km
4Bakhri09:1009:11Right Time30 km
5Kursela09:1909:21Right Time39 km
6Katareah09:3309:35Right Time46 km
7Naugachia09:4509:47Right Time57 km
8Kharik09:5509:57Right Time65 km
9Thana Bihpur Jn10:0610:08Right Time73 km
10Narayanpur10:1410:16Right Time80 km
11Bharat Khand10:2710:28Right Time87 km
12Pasraha10:3510:37Right Time92 km
13Gauchhari10:4710:49Right Time100 km
14Mahesh Khunt11:0011:02Right Time105 km
15Chedhabanni H11:1011:11Right Time110 km
16Mansi Jn11:3211:34Right Time115 km
17Khagaria Jn.11:4411:46Right Time124 km
18Umeshnagar11:5111:53Right Time131 km
19Sahibpur Kml Jn12:0012:02Right Time137 km
20Lakhminia12:1112:13Right Time146 km
21Danauli Phulwaria12:1912:21Right Time151 km
22Lakho12:2712:29Right Time157 km
23Begu Sarai12:3812:43Right Time164 km
24Tilrath13:1113:13Right Time171 km
25Bihat H13:1713:18Right Time175 km
26Barauni Jn13:5014:00Right Time179 km
27Barauni F14:0514:06Right Time182 km
28Teghra14:1214:14Right Time187 km
29Bachwara Jn14:3514:37Right Time196 km
30Sathajagat14:4614:48Right Time202 km
31Dalsingh Sarai15:1015:12Right Time207 km
32Nazirganj15:2015:22Right Time215 km
33Ujiarpur15:2915:31Right Time221 km
34Samastipur Jn16:55Right Time230 km