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55554 SPJ SHC PASS Running status

Departure13:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Nov 2018 10:15
1Samastipur Jn13:00Right TimeYet to start
2Bhagwanpur Desua13:0813:10Right Time8 km
3Angar Ghat13:1613:18Right Time15 km
4Narhan13:2613:28Right Time24 km
5Rusera Ghat13:3413:36Right Time29 km
6Mabbi H13:4213:43Right Time32 km
7Naya Nagar13:4813:50Right Time37 km
8Baraipura H13:5613:57Right Time40 km
9Hasanpur Road14:0214:04Right Time45 km
10Shasan H14:1214:13Right Time49 km
11Dr Srikrishna S Naga14:1714:19Right Time52 km
12Sonma Pranpur F14:2614:27Right Time56 km
13Salauna14:3214:34Right Time61 km
14Imli14:4114:43Right Time67 km
15Paharjagangaur H14:5014:51Right Time72 km
16Olapur14:5514:57Right Time76 km
17Khagaria Jn.15:3015:35Right Time86 km
18Mansi Jn15:4515:50Right Time94 km
19Badla Ghat15:5916:01Right Time102 km
20Dhamara Ghat16:0816:10Right Time108 km
21Fungo H16:1616:17Right Time111 km
22Koparia16:2316:25Right Time116 km
23S Bhakhtiyarpur16:3316:35Right Time122 km
24Sonbarsa Kcheri16:4416:46Right Time130 km
25Parminiya H16:5316:54Right Time134 km
26Saharsa Jn18:10Right Time139 km