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56262 SBC AJJ PASS Running status

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Ksr Bengaluru-SBC
EExpected09:15 23 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Ksr Bengaluru09:15Right TimeYet to start
2Bangalore Cant09:2509:27Right Time4 km
3Bangalore East09:3109:32Right Time7 km
4Baiyyappanahalli09:3609:37Right Time10 km
5Krishnarajapurm09:4009:41Right Time14 km
6Hoodi Halt09:4909:50Right Time18 km
7Whitefield09:5409:55Right Time25 km
8Devangonthi10:0510:06Right Time32 km
9Malur10:1710:18Right Time45 km
10Byatrayanahalli10:2510:26Right Time53 km
11Tyakal10:3310:34Right Time59 km
12Bangarapet10:4910:50Right Time72 km
13Kamasamudram11:0411:05Right Time84 km
14Bisanattam11:1211:13Right Time91 km
15Gudupalli11:2011:21Right Time96 km
16Kuppam11:3211:33Right Time106 km
17Mulanur11:4311:44Right Time118 km
18Patchur11:5411:55Right Time132 km
19Somanayakkanpatti12:0412:05Right Time140 km
20Jolarpettai13:1013:30Right Time150 km
21Kettandapatti13:3213:33Right Time157 km
22Vaniyambadi13:4313:45Right Time165 km
23Vinnamangalam13:5313:55Right Time173 km
24Ambur14:0314:05Right Time181 km
25Pachchakuppam14:1014:12Right Time187 km
26Melpatti14:1814:20Right Time193 km
27Valathoor14:2614:28Right Time199 km
28Gudiyattam14:3814:40Right Time208 km
29Kavanur14:4614:48Right Time215 km
30Latteri15:0315:05Right Time225 km
31Katpadi Jn15:3515:45Right Time233 km
32Sevur15:5315:55Right Time239 km
33Tiruvalam16:0116:03Right Time245 km
34Mukundarayapuram16:1116:13Right Time250 km
35Walajah Road16:2316:25Right Time258 km
36Thalangai16:3316:35Right Time268 km
37Sholinghur16:4016:42Right Time273 km
38Mahendravadi16:4316:45Right Time276 km
39Anavardikhanpettai16:5016:52Right Time282 km
40Chitteri16:5817:00Right Time286 km
41Arakkonam17:45Right Time294 km