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56705 VM MDU PASS Running status

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Villupuram Jn-VM
EExpected15:30 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Villupuram Jn15:30Right TimeYet to start
2Kandambakkam15:3915:40Right Time7 km
3Tiruvennainallur Road15:4915:50Right Time16 km
4Parikkal15:5916:00Right Time24 km
5Ulundurpet16:0916:10Right Time35 km
6Meppuliyur16:1416:15Right Time41 km
7Puvanur16:1916:20Right Time47 km
8Vriddhachalam Jn16:2816:30Right Time54 km
9Vriddhachalam Town16:3516:36Right Time56 km
10Talanallur16:4216:43Right Time63 km
11Pennadam16:5116:52Right Time72 km
12Ichchangadu16:5616:57Right Time76 km
13Mathur17:0417:05Right Time82 km
14Sendurai17:1117:12Right Time90 km
15Vellur H17:1817:19Right Time94 km
16Ottakovil17:2417:25Right Time99 km
17Ariyalur17:4817:50Right Time107 km
18Sillakkudi17:5918:00Right Time114 km
19Kallagam18:0918:10Right Time123 km
20Kallakkudi Palanganatham18:1918:20Right Time132 km
21Pullambadi18:2418:25Right Time137 km
22Lalgudi18:4318:45Right Time150 km
23Valadi18:5418:55Right Time156 km
24Pichchandar Kovil18:5919:00Right Time161 km
25Uttamarkovil19:0419:05Right Time163 km
26Srirangam19:0919:10Right Time165 km
27Tiruchchirappalli Town19:1919:20Right Time169 km
28Ponmalai Golden Rock19:2919:30Right Time174 km
29Tiruchchirappalli Jn20:3520:45Right Time177 km
30Punggudi20:5320:54Right Time186 km
31Kolatur21:0221:03Right Time196 km
32Samudram21:0921:10Right Time203 km
33Manaparai21:1721:18Right Time213 km
34Vaiyampatti21:2921:30Right Time227 km
35Ayyalur21:4921:50Right Time247 km
36Vadamadura21:5721:58Right Time255 km
37Tamaraipadi22:0422:05Right Time263 km
38Dindigul Jn22:2522:30Right Time271 km
39Ambaturai22:4322:44Right Time282 km
40Kodaikkanal Road22:5522:56Right Time297 km
41Sholavandan23:1123:12Right Time316 km
42Kudalnagar23:2923:30Right Time333 km
43Madurai Jn00:40Right Time337 km