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58117 JSG G PASS Running status

Departure07:13 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated18 Sep 2018 2:15
1Jharsuguda Jn07:13Right TimeYet to start
2Ib07:1607:17Right Time10 km
3Brajarajnagar07:2107:23Right Time13 km
4Belpahar07:3107:33Right Time22 km
5Himgir07:4407:46Right Time35 km
6Daghora07:5307:55Right Time43 km
7Jamga08:0508:07Right Time55 km
8Kotarlia08:1408:16Right Time63 km
9Raigarh08:3009:00Right Time73 km
10Kirodimalnagar09:0809:10Right Time80 km
11Bhupadeopur09:1509:17Right Time91 km
12Robertson09:2609:28Right Time99 km
13Kharsia09:3509:37Right Time107 km
14Jharradih09:4209:44Right Time113 km
15Sakti09:5209:57Right Time122 km
16Jetha H10:0310:05Right Time131 km
17Baradwar10:1110:13Right Time137 km
18Saragaon Road H10:2010:22Right Time143 km
19Champa10:3410:39Right Time152 km
20Janjgir Naila10:4910:51Right Time163 km
21Kapan H10:5710:59Right Time170 km
22Akaltara11:0611:08Right Time178 km
23Kotmi Sonar H11:1411:16Right Time184 km
24Jairamnagar11:2211:24Right Time191 km
25Gatora11:3811:40Right Time199 km
26Bilaspur Jn12:3013:10Right Time205 km
27Dadhapara13:2413:25Right Time212 km
28Chakarbhatha13:2813:30Right Time215 km
29Belha13:3513:37Right Time221 km
30Dagori13:4313:45Right Time229 km
31Nipania13:5413:56Right Time237 km
32Bhatapara14:0614:08Right Time251 km
33Hathbandh14:2114:23Right Time267 km
34Tilda14:3114:33Right Time277 km
35Silyari14:5014:52Right Time292 km
36Mandhar15:0315:04Right Time303 km
37Urkura15:1615:18Right Time310 km
38Wrs H15:2315:24Right Time313 km
39Raipur Jn15:5516:30Right Time315 km
40Saraswati Nagar H16:3416:36Right Time317 km
41Sarona16:4116:42Right Time321 km
42Kumhari16:4816:49Right Time328 km
43C Cabin16:5416:55Right Time330 km
44G Cabin16:5716:59Right Time333 km
45Bhilai17:0417:06Right Time339 km
46Bhilai Power House17:1117:13Right Time343 km
47Bhilainagar17:2217:23Right Time348 km
48Durg17:4517:50Right Time352 km
49Rasmara17:5617:57Right Time359 km
50Murhipar18:0418:06Right Time367 km
51Parmalkasa18:1218:13Right Time374 km
52Raj Nandgaon18:2018:22Right Time382 km
53Bakal18:3018:31Right Time392 km
54Musra18:3718:39Right Time400 km
55Jatkanhar18:4518:46Right Time407 km
56Dongargarh18:5519:05Right Time413 km
57Paniajob19:1319:14Right Time421 km
58Bortalao19:2419:25Right Time430 km
59Darekasa19:3119:32Right Time438 km
60Salekasa19:4619:48Right Time449 km
61Amgaon20:0120:03Right Time464 km
62Gudma20:1620:17Right Time474 km
63Gondia Jn21:20Right Time486 km