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58132 PURI ROU PASS Running status

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EExpected04:25 21 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Puri04:25Right TimeYet to start
2Malatipatpur04:3704:38Right Time7 km
3Jankideipur Ph04:4204:43Right Time10 km
4Sakhi Gopal04:4804:49Right Time16 km
5Birpurusothampur04:5404:55Right Time21 km
6Jenapur Road Ph04:5905:00Right Time25 km
7Delang05:0405:05Right Time27 km
8Kanas Road05:0905:10Right Time31 km
9Motari H05:1405:15Right Time34 km
10Haripurgram Ph05:2305:24Right Time40 km
11Khurda Road Jn05:4005:45Right Time43 km
12Retang05:5605:57Right Time50 km
13Lingaraj Temple Road Ph06:0306:04Right Time57 km
14Bhubaneswar06:1506:20Right Time62 km
15Vanivihar Ph06:2506:26Right Time65 km
16Mancheswar06:3206:33Right Time68 km
17Patia Ph06:3806:39Right Time71 km
18Barang06:5006:51Right Time78 km
19Gopalpur Balikuda06:5806:59Right Time85 km
20Kathajori Ph07:0407:05Right Time87 km
21Cuttack07:1007:15Right Time89 km
22Kendrapara Road07:2207:23Right Time93 km
23Manguli Choudwar Ph07:2707:28Right Time97 km
24Nergundi Jn07:3407:35Right Time100 km
25Salegaon07:4207:43Right Time103 km
26Charbatia07:5107:52Right Time108 km
27Badapadagaon Ph07:5707:58Right Time112 km
28Gurudijhatia08:0408:05Right Time116 km
29Machapur Bh08:1208:13Right Time123 km
30Rajath Garh08:2008:21Right Time126 km
31Joranda Road08:3108:32Right Time138 km
32Shyamacharanpur Ph08:3908:40Right Time141 km
33Dhenkanal08:4908:50Right Time146 km
34Dandimal Ph08:5608:57Right Time153 km
35Sadashibapur09:0309:04Right Time157 km
36Mahadia Ph09:0909:10Right Time161 km
37Hindol Road09:1509:16Right Time165 km
38Nayabhagirathipur Ph09:2109:22Right Time170 km
39Meramandali09:2809:29Right Time179 km
40Budhapank09:3609:37Right Time187 km
41Talcher09:5510:20Right Time199 km
42Talcher Road10:3010:31Right Time205 km
43Angul11:3511:40Right Time217 km
44Kerejanga11:5211:54Right Time230 km
45Jarapada12:0312:05Right Time240 km
46Boinda12:1812:20Right Time255 km
47Handapa12:3012:32Right Time263 km
48Saragipali12:4312:45Right Time277 km
49Bamur12:5512:57Right Time286 km
50Rairakhol13:1513:17Right Time302 km
51Charmal13:3013:32Right Time317 km
52Jujomura13:4813:50Right Time334 km
53Hatibari14:0214:04Right Time346 km
54Maneswar14:1814:20Right Time358 km
55Sambalpur City14:3014:32Right Time367 km
56Sambalpur Road14:4314:45Right Time371 km
57Sambalpur15:4016:00Right Time373 km
58Sarla Jn16:1016:12Right Time380 km
59Sason16:2016:22Right Time387 km
60Rengali16:3016:32Right Time396 km
61Lapanga16:4316:45Right Time406 km
62Brundamal16:5316:55Right Time415 km
63Jharsuguda Road17:0017:02Right Time420 km
64Jharsuguda Jn17:5018:00Right Time422 km
65Dhutra18:1018:11Right Time430 km
66Panpali Ph18:1818:19Right Time436 km
67Bagdihi18:2618:27Right Time443 km
68Dharuadihi18:3418:35Right Time449 km
69Bamra18:4518:46Right Time458 km
70Tangarmunda Bh18:5418:55Right Time467 km
71Garpos19:0319:04Right Time475 km
72Sogora19:1219:13Right Time479 km
73Sonakhan19:2119:22Right Time486 km
74Rajgangpur19:3319:34Right Time493 km
75Kansbahal19:4419:45Right Time503 km
76Kalunga19:5419:55Right Time510 km
77Panposh20:0420:05Right Time517 km
78Rourkela20:25Right Time523 km