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58142 HTE TATA PASS Running status

Departure18:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Nov 2018 10:15
1Hatia18:10Right TimeYet to start
2Ranchi18:2518:30Right Time7 km
3Namkon18:3618:37Right Time11 km
4Tatisilwai18:4518:46Right Time18 km
5Gangaghat18:5518:56Right Time27 km
6Johna19:0819:09Right Time38 km
7Kita19:2719:28Right Time55 km
8Silli19:3819:39Right Time63 km
9Muri19:5520:15Right Time69 km
10Illoo20:2720:28Right Time76 km
11Torang20:3620:37Right Time81 km
12Suisa20:4720:48Right Time92 km
13Tiraldih20:5520:56Right Time100 km
14Bakarkudi21:0421:05Right Time105 km
15Latemda21:1921:20Right Time108 km
16Hesalong Fs21:3221:33Right Time113 km
17Jhimri21:4121:42Right Time119 km
18Goonda Bihar21:5021:51Right Time128 km
19Chandil Jn22:0822:10Right Time137 km
20Manikul22:1822:19Right Time143 km
21Kunki22:2622:27Right Time148 km
22Kandra22:3422:35Right Time151 km
23Birarajpur22:4522:46Right Time157 km
24Gamharia22:5822:59Right Time162 km
25Adityapur23:0923:10Right Time168 km
26Tatanagar Jn23:30Right Time173 km