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58412 BAM BBS PASS Running status

Departure14:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated22 Jan 2019 2:15
1Brahmapur14:30Right TimeYet to start
2Jagannathapur14:3714:38Right Time9 km
3Chatrapur14:4714:48Right Time21 km
4Chatrapur Court Ph14:5314:54Right Time22 km
5Ganjam15:0015:01Right Time30 km
6Humma15:0915:10Right Time37 km
7Rambha15:1915:20Right Time48 km
8Khallikot15:3015:31Right Time59 km
9Kalijai Ph15:3615:37Right Time64 km
10Chilka15:4215:43Right Time69 km
11Balugaon15:4915:50Right Time76 km
12Solari15:5815:59Right Time84 km
13Gangadharpur16:0616:07Right Time89 km
14Kuhuri16:1516:16Right Time97 km
15Kalupara Ghat16:2416:25Right Time104 km
16Mukteswarpuri Ph16:3216:33Right Time108 km
17Bhusandpur16:4016:41Right Time113 km
18Nirakarpur16:4816:49Right Time121 km
19Golabai Ph16:5416:55Right Time124 km
20Tapang17:0017:01Right Time129 km
21Dhaulimuhan17:0617:07Right Time133 km
22Kaipadar Road17:1217:13Right Time138 km
23Argul Ph17:1817:19Right Time142 km
24Khurda Road Jn17:2517:30Right Time147 km
25Retang17:4017:41Right Time154 km
26Lingaraj Temple Road Ph17:4517:46Right Time161 km
27Bhubaneswar18:45Right Time166 km