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58801 BPQ - G PASSENGER Running status

Arrival16:07 Right Time
Departure16:09 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated16 Oct 2018 2:15
1Balharshah14:15Right TimeYet to start
2Chanda Fort14:3214:37Right Time11 km
3Kelzar14:5614:58Right Time39 km
4Tolewahi15:0515:06Right Time45 km
5Mul Marora15:1315:15Right Time52 km
6Rajoli15:3115:33Right Time69 km
7Sindewahi15:4615:48Right Time82 km
8Alewahi15:5615:58Right Time91 km
9Talodhi Road16:0716:09Right Time102 km
10Mindala16:1716:18Right Time111 km
11Nagbhir Jn16:2716:32Right Time118 km
12Kirmiti Mendha16:3916:40Right Time125 km
13Bramhapuri16:4816:50Right Time136 km
14Chicholibuzurg Halt16:5616:57Right Time141 km
15Wadsa17:0317:08Right Time146 km
16Arun Nagar H17:1717:18Right Time156 km
17Wadegaon17:2417:26Right Time163 km
18Arjuni17:3417:36Right Time170 km
19Barabhati17:4217:43Right Time177 km
20Dewalgaon17:4917:51Right Time183 km
21Gond Umri18:0218:03Right Time196 km
22Sondad18:1018:12Right Time203 km
23Khodseoni18:1918:20Right Time212 km
24Gongle18:2718:29Right Time220 km
25Pindkepar18:3818:39Right Time231 km
26Hirdamali18:4418:46Right Time235 km
27Gankhera18:5218:53Right Time240 km
28Gondia Jn20:20Right Time250 km