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75010 CPJ THE DEMU Running status

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Kaptanganj Jn-CPJ
PDelayLate 1h 25m
Last Update21 Apr 2018 17:56
Departed from Tamkuhi Road at 17:52 21 Apr 2018, 62 kms. ahead of Kaptanganj Jn
Running Late 1 hr, 42 mins
1Kaptanganj Jn16:15Late 1h 25mDeparted
2Mathia Barghat H16:2116:22Late 1h 25m
3Lakshmiganj16:2716:28Late 1h 25m
4Ramkola16:4016:47Late 1h 36mDeparted
5Barharaganj16:5516:57Late 1h 37mDeparted
6Padrauna17:0517:07Late 1h 39mDeparted
7Kath Kuiyan17:1517:16Late 1h 39m
8Chaf H17:2217:25Late 1h 38m
9Dudahi17:3317:34Late 1h 42mDeparted
10Gauri Shri Ram H17:4217:43Late 1h 42m
11Tamkuhi Road17:5117:52Late 1h 42mDeparted 79 min ago updated
12Tariasujan18:0118:02Late 1h 42m9 km away
13Tinpheria H18:0718:08Late 1h 42m14 km away
14Jalalpur18:1318:14Late 1h 42m18 km away
15Sipaya H18:1818:19Late 1h 42m21 km away
16Sasamusa18:2418:25Late 1h 42m26 km away
17Narkatia Bazar H18:3018:31Late 1h 42m31 km away
18Thawe Jn18:40Late 1h 30m36 km away