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Andal Jn (UDL) to Panagarh (PAN) Trains

from Andal Jn to Panagarh
63506ASN BWN MEMU05.2305.5200.29hr
12342AGNIBINA EXPRES05.5806.2500.27hr
63508ASN BWN MEMU06.1306.4200.29hr
63510ASN BWN MEMU06.4707.1500.28hr
12340COALFIELD EXP07.3108.0300.32hr
53046MAYURAKSHI FAST PASS08.0008.3500.35hr
63512ASN BWN MEMU08.1108.4600.35hr
13020BAGH EXPRESS09.1509.4200.27hr
63514ASN BWN MEMU09.2709.5600.29hr
53140JSME KOAA PGS09.4610.1700.31hr
63516ASN BWN MEMU10.4811.1700.29hr
13050ASR HWH EXPRESS11.3512.0700.32hr
13152KOLKATA EXP12.1512.4300.28hr
63518ASN BWN MEMU13.0713.3600.29hr
63520ASN BWN MEMU14.3215.0200.30hr
22322HOOL EXPRESS14.5015.1700.27hr
13008U A TOOFAN EXP15.3516.0100.26hr
63522ASN BWN MEMU16.4117.1400.33hr
63524ASN BWN MEMU17.2317.5200.29hr
22388BLACKDIAMOND EXP18.0218.3200.30hr
53062HATIA BWN PASS18.5919.4000.41hr
53050MKA HWH PASS21.2922.0700.38hr
63526ASN BWN MEMU22.1922.5200.33hr
53132MFP SDAH PASS22.3323.1700.44hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Andal Jn and Panagarh?
    There are 24 trains beween Andal Jn and Panagarh.
  2. When does the first train leave from Andal Jn?
    The first train from Andal Jn to Panagarh is Asansol Jn Barddhaman MEMU (63506) departs at 05.23 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Andal Jn?
    The first train from Andal Jn to Panagarh is Muzaffarpur Jn Sealdah PASSENGER (53132) departs at 22.33 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Panagarh and its timing?
    The fastest train from Andal Jn to Panagarh is SHRI GANGANAGAR HOWRAH JN ABHA TOOFAN EXPRESS (13008) departs at 15.35 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 32km in 00.26 hrs.