from Andal Jn to Rajbandh
63506ASN BWN MEMU05.2305.4500.22hr
63508ASN BWN MEMU06.1306.3500.22hr
63510ASN BWN MEMU06.4707.0800.21hr
63512ASN BWN MEMU08.1108.3900.28hr
63514ASN BWN MEMU09.2709.4900.22hr
63516ASN BWN MEMU10.4811.1000.22hr
63518ASN BWN MEMU13.0713.2900.22hr
63520ASN BWN MEMU14.3214.5500.23hr
63522ASN BWN MEMU16.4117.0600.25hr
63524ASN BWN MEMU17.2317.4500.22hr
53062HATIA BWN PASS18.5919.3000.31hr
63526ASN BWN MEMU22.1922.4500.26hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019