from Bally to Ambika Kalna
37911HWH KWAE LOCAL05.5207.2001.28hr
37913HWH KWAE LOCAL08.1409.4201.28hr
37917HWH KWAE LOCAL12.2413.5501.31hr
37921HWH KWAE FAST17.1818.4901.31hr
37927HWH KWAE LOCAL20.4422.1901.35hr
from Howrah Jn to Ambika Kalna
15643PURI KYQ EXPRESS07.3009.0601.36hr
37915HWH KWAE FAST10.0011.4201.42hr
37919HWH KWAE FAST14.3016.0901.39hr
13465INTERCITY EXP15.1516.3601.21hr
53001HWH AZ PASS16.0018.0902.09hr
15959KAMRUP EXPRESS17.3519.0401.29hr
37923HWH KWAE FAST18.0019.3601.36hr
37925HWH KWAE FAST19.2520.5901.34hr
13033HWH KIR EXPRESS21.2523.1901.54hr
from Sealdah to Ambika Kalna
73151SDAH JRLE DEMU05.3507.4302.08hr
31111SDAH KWAE LOCAL08.0610.1202.06hr
13141TESTA TORSA EXP13.4015.3101.51hr
13163HATE BAZARE EXP20.1021.5901.49hr
13169HATE BAZARE EXP20.1022.0101.51hr
from Kolkata to Ambika Kalna
13145RADHIKAPUR EXP19.3021.2701.57hr

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