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Bally Ghat (BLYG) to Dum Dum (DDJ) Trains

from Bally Ghat
32211SDAH DKAE LOCAL04.32Dankuni04.5000.18hr
32212DKAE SDAH LOCAL05.11Dum Dum05.2800.17hr
32213SDAH DKAE LOCAL05.22Dankuni05.4400.22hr
32214DKAE SDAH LOCAL06.03Dum Dum06.1600.13hr
32215SDAH DKAE LOCAL06.07Dankuni06.2500.18hr
32217SDAH DKAE LOCAL06.30Dankuni06.5200.22hr
32216DKAE SDAH LOCAL06.46Dum Dum07.0200.16hr
32218DKAE SDAH LOCAL07.13Dum Dum07.2900.16hr
32219SDAH DKAE LOCAL07.13Dankuni07.2500.12hr
32220DKAE SDAH LOCAL07.51Dum Dum08.0300.12hr
32221SDAH DKAE LOCAL08.17Dankuni08.3500.18hr
32223SDAH DKAE LOCAL08.48Dankuni09.0700.19hr
32222DKAE SDAH LOCAL08.55Dum Dum09.0900.14hr
32225SDAH DKAE LOCAL09.13Dankuni09.3100.18hr
32224DKAE SDAH LOCAL09.26Dum Dum09.3900.13hr
32226DKAE SDAH LOCAL10.01Dum Dum10.1800.17hr
32227SDAH DKAE LOCAL10.16Dankuni10.3200.16hr
32229SDAH DKAE LOCAL10.40Dankuni11.0200.22hr
32228DKAE SDAH LOCAL11.09Dum Dum11.2800.19hr
32231SDAH DKAE LOCAL11.15Dankuni11.3500.20hr
32230DKAE SDAH LOCAL11.36Dum Dum11.5000.14hr
32232DKAE SDAH LOCAL12.19Dum Dum12.3100.12hr
32233SDAH DKAE LOCAL12.39Dankuni12.5700.18hr
32234DKAE SDAH LOCAL13.21Dum Dum13.4400.23hr
32235SDAH DKAE LOCAL13.50Dankuni14.0700.17hr
32236DKAE SDAH LOCAL14.33Dum Dum14.4500.12hr
32411SDAH BRPA LOCAL14.37Dankuni14.5700.20hr
32237SDAH DKAE LOCAL15.51Dankuni16.1000.19hr
32412BRPA SDAH LOCAL15.52Dum Dum16.0700.15hr
32239SDAH DKAE LOCAL16.30Dankuni16.4500.15hr
32238DKAE SDAH LOCAL16.36Dum Dum16.4900.13hr
32240DKAE SDAH LOCAL17.21Dum Dum17.3400.13hr
32241SDAH DKAE LOCAL17.43Dankuni18.0200.19hr
33291DDJ DKAE LOCAL18.01Dankuni18.1800.17hr
32242DKAE SDAH LOCAL18.21Dum Dum18.3300.12hr
32243SDAH DKAE LOCAL18.31Dankuni18.4900.18hr
32244DKAE SDAH LOCAL18.41Dum Dum18.5700.16hr
32246DKAE SDAH LOCAL19.26Dum Dum19.3800.12hr
32245SDAH DKAE LOCAL19.30Dankuni19.5000.20hr
32248DKAE SDAH LOCAL20.43Dum Dum20.5700.14hr
32413SDAH BRPA LOCAL21.09Dankuni21.3000.21hr
32247SDAH DKAE LOCAL21.59Dankuni22.1500.16hr
32250DKAE SDAH LOCAL22.43Dum Dum22.5800.15hr
32249SDAH DKAE LOCAL22.47Dankuni23.0700.20hr
32414BRPA SDAH LOCAL23.17Dum Dum23.2900.12hr
32252DKAE SDAH LOCAL23.56Dum Dum00.0800.12hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Bally Ghat and Dum Dum?
    There are 46 trains beween Bally Ghat and Dum Dum.
  2. When does the first train leave from Bally Ghat?
    The first train from Bally Ghat to Dum Dum is Sealdah Dankuni LOCAL (32211) departs at 04.32 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Bally Ghat?
    The first train from Bally Ghat to Dum Dum is Dankuni Sealdah LOCAL (32252) departs at 23.56 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Dum Dum and its timing?
    The fastest train from Bally Ghat to Dum Dum is Sealdah Dankuni LOCAL (32219) departs at 07.13 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 7km in 00.12 hrs.