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Bandel Jn (BDC) to Mankundu (MUU) Trains

from Bandel Jn to Mankundu
37212BDC HWH LOCAL03.0703.1700.10hr
37214BDC HWH LOCAL03.5004.0000.10hr
37812BWN HWH LOCAL04.2104.3100.10hr
37216BDC HWH LOCAL04.4504.5500.10hr
37218BDC HWH LOCAL05.1005.2000.10hr
37814BWN HWH LOCAL05.2705.3700.10hr
37220BDC HWH LOCAL05.4005.5000.10hr
37912KWAE HWH LOCAL05.5606.0600.10hr
37816BWN HWH LOCAL06.2106.3100.10hr
37222BDC HWH LOCAL06.3006.4000.10hr
37224BDC HWH LOCAL06.4806.5800.10hr
37818BWN HWH LOCAL07.0207.1200.10hr
37226BDC HWH LOCAL07.1507.2500.10hr
37820BWN HWH LOCAL07.3207.4200.10hr
37228BDC HWH LOCAL08.0508.1500.10hr
37824BWN HWH LOCAL08.1908.2900.10hr
37230BDC HWH LOCAL08.3208.4200.10hr
37202BDC HWH LADIES SPL08.4008.5000.10hr
37232BDC HWH LOCAL08.5209.0200.10hr
37826BWN HWH LOCAL08.5609.0600.10hr
37234BDC HWH LOCAL09.0809.1800.10hr
37918KWAE HWH LOCAL09.1409.2400.10hr
37612PDA HWH LOCAL09.2009.3000.10hr
37828BWN HWH LOCAL09.3909.4900.10hr
37236BDC HWH LOCAL09.4609.5600.10hr
37830BWN HWH LOCAL10.0610.1600.10hr
37238BDC HWH LOCAL10.3010.4000.10hr
37240BDC HWH LOCAL10.4510.5500.10hr
37242BDC HWH LOCAL11.2211.3200.10hr
37832BWN HWH LOCAL11.3911.4900.10hr
37244BDC HWH LOCAL12.1512.2500.10hr
37246BDC HWH LOCAL12.3012.4700.17hr
37834BWN HWH LOCAL12.4512.5500.10hr
37922KWAE HWH LOCAL13.0213.1200.10hr
37248BDC HWH LOCAL13.1513.2500.10hr
37250BDC HWH LOCAL13.3513.4500.10hr
37836BWN HWH LOCAL13.4513.5500.10hr
37614PDA HWH LOCAL13.5814.0800.10hr
37252BDC HWH LOCAL14.1214.2200.10hr
37654MYM HWH LOCAL14.3314.4300.10hr
37254BDC HWH LOCAL14.5015.0000.10hr
37838BWN HWH LOCAL15.0015.1000.10hr
37256BDC HWH LOCAL15.1015.2000.10hr
37258BDC HWH LOCAL15.3515.4500.10hr
37656MYM HWH LOCAL15.5016.0000.10hr
37260BDC HWH LOCAL16.0516.1500.10hr
37512BDC BLY LOCAL16.2516.3500.10hr
37840BWN HWH LOCAL16.3316.4300.10hr
37262BDC HWH LOCAL16.4016.5000.10hr
37264BDC HWH LOCAL16.4816.5800.10hr
37658MYM HWH LOCAL16.5217.0200.10hr
37266BDC HWH LOCAL17.1217.2200.10hr
37268BDC HWH LOCAL17.3017.4000.10hr
37926KWAE HWH LOCAL17.4317.5300.10hr
37842BWN HWH LOCAL17.5218.0100.09hr
37270BDC HWH LOCAL18.0518.1500.10hr
37272BDC HWH LOCAL18.2018.3000.10hr
37846BWN HWH LOCAL18.4518.5500.10hr
37274BDC HWH LOCAL18.5019.0000.10hr
37848BWN HWH LOCAL19.2019.3000.10hr
37276BDC HWH LOCAL19.3019.4100.11hr
37278BDC HWH LOCAL19.4519.5500.10hr
37850BWN HWH LOCAL19.5520.0500.10hr
37280BDC HWH LOCAL20.3320.4300.10hr
37282BDC HWH LOCAL21.0021.1000.10hr
37852BWN HWH LOCAL21.1321.2300.10hr
37928KWAE HWH LOCAL21.3421.4400.10hr
37284BDC HWH LOCAL21.4521.5500.10hr
37854BWN HWH LOCAL22.0522.1500.10hr
37286BDC HWH LOCAL22.1822.2800.10hr
37288BDC HWH LOCAL22.3022.4000.10hr
37290BDC HWH LOCAL22.4522.5500.10hr
63502BWN HWH LOCAL23.1123.2100.10hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Bandel Jn and Mankundu?
    There are 73 trains beween Bandel Jn and Mankundu.
  2. When does the first train leave from Bandel Jn?
    The first train from Bandel Jn to Mankundu is Bandel Jn Howrah Jn LOCAL (37212) departs at 03.07 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Bandel Jn?
    The first train from Bandel Jn to Mankundu is Barddhaman Howrah Jn LOCAL (63502) departs at 23.11 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Mankundu and its timing?
    The fastest train from Bandel Jn to Mankundu is Barddhaman Howrah Jn LOCAL (37842) departs at 17.52 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 9km in 00.09 hrs.