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Bandra Terminus (BDTS) to Borivali (BVI) Trains

from Bandra Terminus to Borivali
19019DEHRADUN EXP00.0500.3800.33hr
01705BDTS JBP SUP SPL00.1500.4500.30hr
15068BDTS GKP EXP00.2000.4800.28hr
22444BDTS KANPUR EXP05.1005.3700.27hr
11104BDTS JHANSI EXP05.1005.3700.27hr
22921BDTS GKP ANTODAYA EXP05.1005.3700.27hr
19061RAMNAGAR EXPRESS05.1005.3700.27hr
12935BDTS SURAT EXP06.5007.2600.36hr
12471SWARAJ EXPRESS07.5508.2500.30hr
59045BDTS VAPI PASS09.2509.5600.31hr
22989BDTS MHV SF EXP11.4512.1700.32hr
12925PASCHIM EXPRESS12.0012.3400.34hr
19027VIVEK EXPRESS12.1512.4700.32hr
22451CDG SUP FAST12.1512.4700.32hr
22991BDTS VRL SUP EXP12.4513.1100.26hr
12216DEE GARIBRATH12.4513.1100.26hr
19021BDTS LJN EXPRESS12.5513.2400.29hr
22949BDTS DEE EXPRESS12.5513.2400.29hr
22915BDTS HSR SF EXP12.5513.2400.29hr
22917HARIDWAR EXP13.0513.3300.28hr
12480SURYANAGARI EXP13.3013.5700.27hr
22474BDTS BKN SUP EXP14.3515.0300.28hr
22931BDTS JSM EXP14.3515.0300.28hr
14708RANAKPUR EXPRES15.0515.3500.30hr
22935BDTS PIT SF EXP15.2515.5300.28hr
22993BDTS MHV SUP EXP15.2515.5300.28hr
22963BDTS BVC SF EXP15.2515.5300.28hr
22933BDTS JP SF EXP16.1516.4600.31hr
12979JAIPUR SUP FAST16.1516.4600.31hr
12995BDTS AII UDZ EX16.1516.4600.31hr
12907BDTS SMPRK K EX16.3517.0500.30hr
12909NZM GARIB RATH16.3517.0500.30hr
22971BDTS PNBE S FAST16.3517.0700.32hr
19217SAU JANATA EXP17.1017.4200.32hr
22955KUTCH EXPRESS17.4518.1500.30hr
22927LOK SHAKTI EXP19.4020.1700.37hr
19707AMRAPUR ARAVALI20.5521.2800.33hr
12971BHAVNAGAR EXP21.3022.0100.31hr
19043BGKT HUMSAFAR21.4022.0900.29hr
19037AVADH EXPRESS22.4023.1600.36hr
19039AVADH EXPRESS22.4023.1600.36hr
19041BDTS GCT EXP23.2500.0100.36hr
22901BDTS UDZ AII EXP23.2523.5900.34hr
22903BHUJ AC S F EXP23.4500.1800.33hr
22951GANDHIDHAM EXP23.5500.2500.30hr
22965BDTS BGKT EXP23.5500.2500.30hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Bandra Terminus and Borivali?
    There are 46 trains beween Bandra Terminus and Borivali.
  2. When does the first train leave from Bandra Terminus?
    The first train from Bandra Terminus to Borivali is Bandra Terminus Dehradun DEHRADUN EXPRESS (19019) departs at 00.05 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Bandra Terminus?
    The first train from Bandra Terminus to Borivali is BANDRA TERMINUS BHAGAT KI KOTHI EXPRESS (22965) departs at 23.55 and train runs on F.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Borivali and its timing?
    The fastest train from Bandra Terminus to Borivali is Bandra Terminus Veraval SUPERFAST EXPRESS (22991) departs at 12.45 and train runs on Sa. It covers the distance of 19km in 00.26 hrs.