from Bandra Terminus to Kanpur Central
15068BDTS GKP EXP00.2007.4031.20hr
22444BDTS KANPUR EXP05.1008.3527.25hr
22921BDTS GKP ANTODAYA EXP05.1008.2527.15hr
19021BDTS LJN EXPRESS12.5517.0528.10hr
19037AVADH EXPRESS22.4004.3529.55hr
19039AVADH EXPRESS22.4004.3529.55hr
19041BDTS GCT EXP23.2500.4025.15hr
from C Shivaji Maharaj T to Kanpur Central
12534PUSHPAK EXPRESS08.2506.5022.25hr
12598CSTM GKP JANSADHARAN14.2011.3021.10hr
15102JANSADHARAN EXP15.3517.0025.25hr
from Lokmanyatilak to Kanpur Central
12542LTT GKP SUP EXP11.1009.5022.40hr
22121LKO AC SUP EXP14.2011.5021.30hr
11079LTT GKP EXPRESS15.5015.4023.50hr
12107LUCKNOW SUP EXP16.2513.4021.15hr
12173UDYOG NAGRI EXP16.2513.3021.05hr
12143LTT SLN SUP EXP16.4015.4023.00hr
15064LTT GKP EXPRESS17.5017.5524.05hr
11015KUSHINAGAR EXP22.4500.1025.25hr
from Panvel to Kanpur Central
15066PNVL GKP EXPRESS17.5017.5524.05hr

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