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Barachak Jn. (BCQ) to Asansol Jn (ASN) Trains

from Barachak Jn.
53139KOAA JSME PGS03.43Sitarampur03.4900.06hr
53049HWH MKA PAS04.13Sitarampur04.2100.08hr
63552DHN ASN MEMU04.38Asansol Jn04.4500.07hr
63541ASN GMO MEMU05.16Sitarampur05.2100.05hr
63562BDME ASN MEMU06.26Asansol Jn06.4000.14hr
63553ASN BSB MEMU06.36Sitarampur06.4200.06hr
63561ASN JSME MEMU07.38Sitarampur07.4300.05hr
63570BDME ASN MEMU08.37Asansol Jn08.5000.13hr
53140JSME KOAA PGS09.01Asansol Jn09.1000.09hr
63542GMO ASN MEMU09.12Asansol Jn09.2000.08hr
53061BWN HTE PASS09.15Sitarampur09.2100.06hr
53524BRKA ASN PASS09.30Asansol Jn09.5000.20hr
63567ASN JAJ MEMU09.42Sitarampur09.4800.06hr
03301ASN DHN SPL10.17Sitarampur10.2200.05hr
63546DHN ASN MEMU10.57Asansol Jn11.1000.13hr
53131SDAH MFP FAST PGR11.13Sitarampur11.2000.07hr
03302DHN ASN SPL12.55Asansol Jn13.1000.15hr
63545ASN DHN MEMU14.07Sitarampur14.1200.05hr
63568JAJ ASN MEMU16.08Asansol Jn16.3500.27hr
53523ASN BRKA PASS16.37Sitarampur16.4400.07hr
63569ASN JSME MEMU17.33Sitarampur17.3800.05hr
53062HATIA BWN PASS17.59Asansol Jn18.2000.21hr
63543ASN GMO MEMU18.16Sitarampur18.2100.05hr
63564JSME ASN MEMU19.37Asansol Jn19.5000.13hr
63554BSB ASN MEMU20.08Asansol Jn20.2000.12hr
53050MKA HWH PASS20.22Asansol Jn20.3000.08hr
63563ASN JSME MEMU20.38Sitarampur20.4300.05hr
53132MFP SDAH PASS21.03Asansol Jn21.1000.07hr
63544GMO ASN MEMU22.56Asansol Jn23.0500.09hr
63551ASN DHN MEMU23.06Sitarampur23.1100.05hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Barachak Jn. and Asansol Jn?
    There are 30 trains beween Barachak Jn. and Asansol Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Barachak Jn.?
    The first train from Barachak Jn. to Asansol Jn is Kolkata Jasidih Jn PASSENGER (53139) departs at 03.43 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Barachak Jn.?
    The first train from Barachak Jn. to Asansol Jn is Asansol Jn Dhanbad Jn MEMU (63551) departs at 23.06 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Asansol Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Barachak Jn. to Asansol Jn is Asansol Jn Gomoh Jn MEMU (63541) departs at 05.16 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 3km in 00.05 hrs.