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Bareilly (BE) to Laksar Jn (LRJ) Trains

from Bareilly to Laksar Jn
15655KYQ SVDK EXPRESS00.0803.5503.47hr
15531SHC ASR JANSADHARAN00.0803.5503.47hr
14523HARIHARNATH EXP01.2005.4004.20hr
12231LKO CDG EXPRESS02.2006.2504.05hr
15209JANSEWA EXP05.2309.2003.57hr
54251LKO SRE PAS06.4316.4209.59hr
15001MFP DDN EXP06.4811.1204.24hr
15005GKP DDN EXPRESS06.4811.1204.24hr
14115ALD HW EXP08.5012.4503.55hr
15211JANNAYAK EXP14.1218.0003.48hr
13151JAMMU TAWI EXP17.2722.1704.50hr
18103JALIANWALA B EXP19.2323.0903.46hr
22551DBG JUC ANTYODAYA EXPRESS19.2323.1203.49hr
13307GANGASUTLEJ EXP20.0000.4704.47hr
13005AMRITSAR MAIL20.1000.2404.14hr
14265BSB DDN EXP20.5702.2705.30hr
13009DOON EXPRESS22.2703.3505.08hr
12469CNB JAT EXPRESS23.1002.4803.38hr
12491MOUR DHWAJ EXP23.1002.4803.38hr
22445CNB ASR SUP23.1002.4803.38hr
12587AMAR NATH EXP23.2303.0203.39hr
15097AMARNATH EXP23.2303.0203.39hr
15651LOHIT EXPRESS23.2303.0203.39hr
15653AMARNATH EXPRESS23.2303.0203.39hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Bareilly and Laksar Jn?
    There are 24 trains beween Bareilly and Laksar Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Bareilly?
    The first train from Bareilly to Laksar Jn is Kamakhya Jn Shmata Vd Katra EXPRESS (15655) departs at 00.08 and train runs on Tu.
  3. When does the last train leave from Bareilly?
    The first train from Bareilly to Laksar Jn is Guwahati Jammu Tawi AMARNATH EXPRESS (15653) departs at 23.23 and train runs on Th.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Laksar Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Bareilly to Laksar Jn is Kanpur Central Jammu Tawi EXPRESS (12469) departs at 23.10 and train runs on W F. It covers the distance of 230km in 03.38 hrs.