from Bareilly City to Lal Kuan
15043LJN KGM EXP04.2506.3502.10hr
12353HWH LKU EXP05.0207.2002.18hr
55335BC LKU PASS06.1008.2502.15hr
55347BC LKU PASS10.1512.5002.35hr
12209KGM GARIB RATH11.5713.4501.48hr
55351BC LKU PASS13.5516.3002.35hr
55349BC LKU PASS17.2519.5502.30hr
15055AF RMR EXPRESS19.3521.3001.55hr
05309BC LKU SPL EXP20.5522.4501.50hr
from Bareilly to Lal Kuan
13019BAGH EXPRESS05.1008.0502.55hr
19061RAMNAGAR EXPRESS05.3708.0002.23hr

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