from Begampet to Arts College
47171LPI FM LOCAL04.4905.1800.29hr
47173LPI FM LOCAL06.1906.4800.29hr
47213LPI FM LOCAL06.5407.2300.29hr
47174LPI FM LOCAL07.2908.0300.34hr
47175LPI FM LOCAL08.0708.3800.31hr
47176LPI FM LOCAL08.4709.2300.36hr
47177LPI FM LOCAL09.2409.5600.32hr
47178LPI FM LOCAL09.4910.1800.29hr
47212LPI FM LOCAL10.2810.5800.30hr
47179LPI FM LOCAL11.0811.3800.30hr
47189LPI FM LOCAL11.5412.2600.32hr
47180LPI FM LOCAL12.2412.5300.29hr
47181LPI FM LOCAL13.0413.3300.29hr
47215LPI FM LOCAL13.3414.0300.29hr
47182LPI FM LOCAL13.4414.1300.29hr
47183LPI FM LOCAL14.5415.2800.34hr
47184LPI FM LOCAL15.1315.4200.29hr
47185LPI FM LOCAL16.0916.3800.29hr
47217LPI FM LOCAL16.2316.5300.30hr
47186LPI FM LOCAL16.5017.2100.31hr
47187LPI FM LOCAL17.2818.0100.33hr
47210LPI FM LOCAL17.5818.2800.30hr
57659SUR FM PASS18.3019.1200.42hr
47188LPI FM LOCAL18.3319.0300.30hr
47190LPI FM LOCAL18.5919.3300.34hr
47191LPI FM LOCAL19.3820.1100.33hr
47219LPI FM LOCAL20.0120.3100.30hr
47192LPI FM LOCAL20.4221.1300.31hr
47193LPI FM LOCAL21.0821.4300.35hr
47159LPI FM LOCAL21.3422.0300.29hr
47194LPI FM LOCAL22.0922.3800.29hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019