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Belgharia (BLH) to Palpara (PXR) Trains

from Belgharia to Palpara
31811SDAH KNJ LOCAL03.3804.4701.09hr
31911SDAH GEDE LOCAL04.3805.4601.08hr
31511SDAH STB LOCAL04.5306.0201.09hr
31611SDAH RHA LOCAL05.2306.3101.08hr
31813SDAH KNJ LOCAL05.3806.4701.09hr
31613SDAH RHA LOCAL05.5507.0401.09hr
31513SDAH STB LOCAL06.1807.2601.08hr
31815SDAH KNJ LOCAL06.2807.3401.06hr
31615SDAH RHA LOCAL06.3807.4501.07hr
31817SDAH KNJ LOCAL07.1308.2301.10hr
31515SDAH STB LOCAL07.4308.5201.09hr
31913SDAH GEDE LOCAL07.5809.0901.11hr
31617SDAH RHA LOCAL08.1809.2501.07hr
30145BBD KNJ LOCAL08.5910.0601.07hr
31517SDAH STB LOCAL09.0810.1701.09hr
31915SDAH GEDE LOCAL10.1611.2201.06hr
31519SDAH STB LOCAL10.5011.5701.07hr
31821SDAH KNJ LOCAL11.1012.2001.10hr
31521SDAH STB LOCAL11.5313.0301.10hr
31621SDAH RHA LOCAL12.0313.1301.10hr
31823SDAH KNJ LOCAL12.2313.3001.07hr
31917SDAH GEDE LOCAL13.0314.1201.09hr
31523SDAH STB LOCAL13.1814.2701.09hr
31825SDAH KNJ LOCAL13.3314.4101.08hr
31919SDAH GEDE LOCAL14.2315.3101.08hr
31525SDAH STB LOCAL14.3815.4901.11hr
31623SDAH RHA LOCAL15.1816.2501.07hr
31827SDAH KNJ LOCAL15.4316.5401.11hr
31527SDAH STB LOCAL16.0317.1301.10hr
31529SDAH STB LOCAL17.1618.2601.10hr
31801SDAH KNJ LADIES SPL17.2318.3401.11hr
31921SDAH GEDE LOCAL17.3318.4301.10hr
31601SDAH RHA LADIES SPL18.1019.1601.06hr
31923SDAH GEDE LOCAL18.4019.5101.11hr
31533SDAH STB LOCAL19.0920.1701.08hr
30135MJT RHA LOCAL19.1920.3301.14hr
31925SDAH GEDE LOCAL19.3520.4101.06hr
31835SDAH KNJ LOCAL19.5321.0201.09hr
31535SDAH STB LOCAL20.0821.1601.08hr
31627SDAH RHA LOCAL20.4321.5201.09hr
31927SDAH GEDE LOCAL20.5022.0001.10hr
31537SDAH STB LOCAL21.0322.1201.09hr
31837SDAH KNJ LOCAL21.1822.2601.08hr
31929SDAH GEDE LOCAL21.4822.5701.09hr
31629SDAH RHA LOCAL21.5823.0501.07hr
31539SDAH STB LOCAL22.0823.1701.09hr
31541SDAH STB LOCAL22.5800.0301.05hr
31631SDAH RHA LOCAL23.0800.1401.06hr
31633SDAH RHA LOCAL23.5801.0401.06hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Belgharia and Palpara?
    There are 49 trains beween Belgharia and Palpara.
  2. When does the first train leave from Belgharia?
    The first train from Belgharia to Palpara is Sealdah Krishnanagar City Jn LOCAL (31811) departs at 03.38 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Belgharia?
    The first train from Belgharia to Palpara is Sealdah Ranaghat Jn LOCAL (31633) departs at 23.58 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Palpara and its timing?
    The fastest train from Belgharia to Palpara is Sealdah Shantipur LOCAL (31541) departs at 22.58 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 48km in 01.05 hrs.