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Belur (BEQ) to Bhadreshwar (BHR) Trains

from Belur to Bhadreshwar
37811HWH BWN LOCAL04.2604.5200.26hr
37211HWH BDC LOCAL04.5805.2400.26hr
37813HWH BWN LOCAL05.1105.3700.26hr
37213HWH BDC LOCAL05.2705.5300.26hr
37911HWH KWAE LOCAL05.4906.1500.26hr
37817HWH BWN LOCAL06.3106.5700.26hr
37215HWH BDC LOCAL06.3707.0400.27hr
37819HWH BWN LOCAL07.0907.3500.26hr
37217HWH BDC LOCAL07.1607.4200.26hr
37219HWH BDC LOCAL07.4608.1700.31hr
37913HWH KWAE LOCAL08.1108.3700.26hr
37821HWH BWN LOCAL08.1608.4200.26hr
37221HWH BDC LOCAL08.3108.5700.26hr
37223HWH BDC LOCAL08.5609.2200.26hr
37823HWH BWN LOCAL09.1109.3700.26hr
37225HWH BDC LOCAL09.2109.4800.27hr
37227HWH BDC LOCAL09.3610.0500.29hr
37229HWH BDC LOCAL10.0110.2700.26hr
37825HWH BWN LOCAL10.1610.4200.26hr
37231HWH BDC LOCAL10.2610.5200.26hr
37233HWH BDC LOCAL10.4111.0900.28hr
37235HWH BDC LOCAL10.5611.2300.27hr
37237HWH BDC LOCAL11.0611.3300.27hr
37239HWH BDC LOCAL11.2611.5300.27hr
37827HWH BWN LOCAL11.3612.0500.29hr
37653HWH MYM LOCAL11.4212.1000.28hr
37611HWH PDA LOCAL11.5312.1900.26hr
37241HWH BDC LOCAL12.1112.3700.26hr
37917HWH KWAE LOCAL12.2112.4700.26hr
37243HWH BDC LOCAL12.3112.5700.26hr
37829HWH BWN LOCAL12.4113.0600.25hr
37655HWH MYM LOCAL12.5613.2100.25hr
37245HWH BDC LOCAL13.0613.3100.25hr
37247HWH BDC LOCAL13.2613.5100.25hr
37249HWH BDC LOCAL13.3614.0200.26hr
37251HWH BDC LOCAL13.4414.0900.25hr
37657HWH MYM LOCAL13.5414.1900.25hr
37253HWH BDC LOCAL14.5115.1800.27hr
37833HWH BWN LOCAL14.5615.2200.26hr
37255HWH BDC LOCAL15.1115.3800.27hr
37257HWH BDC LOCAL15.4616.1200.26hr
37259HWH BDC LOCAL16.2716.5400.27hr
37261HWH BDC LOCAL17.0617.3300.27hr
37263HWH BDC LOCAL17.5818.2400.26hr
37265HWH BDC LOCAL18.2618.5100.25hr
37267HWH BDC LOCAL18.3118.5600.25hr
37269HWH BDC LOCAL18.5619.2200.26hr
37201HWH BDC LADIES SPL19.0619.3200.26hr
37851HWH BWN LOCAL19.2119.4600.25hr
37271HWH BDC LOCAL19.4120.0700.26hr
37273HWH BDC LOCAL19.5120.1700.26hr
37275HWH BDC LOCAL20.2120.4700.26hr
37927HWH KWAE LOCAL20.4121.1000.29hr
37855HWH BWN LOCAL20.5821.2400.26hr
37277HWH BDC LOCAL21.1621.4200.26hr
37279HWH BDC LOCAL21.2121.4700.26hr
37281HWH BDC LOCAL21.4122.0700.26hr
37283HWH BDC LOCAL22.0122.2800.27hr
37857HWH BWN LOCAL22.2122.4700.26hr
37285HWH BDC LOCAL22.3122.5700.26hr
37287HWH BDC LOCAL22.4123.0700.26hr
37289HWH BDC LOCAL23.2623.5300.27hr
37291HWH BDC LOCAL23.5600.2200.26hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Belur and Bhadreshwar?
    There are 63 trains beween Belur and Bhadreshwar.
  2. When does the first train leave from Belur?
    The first train from Belur to Bhadreshwar is Howrah Jn Barddhaman LOCAL (37811) departs at 04.26 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Belur?
    The first train from Belur to Bhadreshwar is Howrah Jn Bandel Jn LOCAL (37291) departs at 23.56 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Bhadreshwar and its timing?
    The fastest train from Belur to Bhadreshwar is Howrah Jn Barddhaman LOCAL (37829) departs at 12.41 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 22km in 00.25 hrs.