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Bhandup (BND) to Parel (PR) Trains

from Bhandup to Parel
96020KHPI CSTM LOCAL00.1600.4500.29hr
96234BUD CSTM LOCAL00.3301.0200.29hr
97302TNA CSTM LOCAL04.1004.3900.29hr
96102KJT CSTM LOCAL04.1404.4300.29hr
97304TNA CSTM LOCAL04.3004.5900.29hr
96302ABH CSTM LOCAL04.3905.0800.29hr
97306TNA CSTM LOCAL04.5005.1900.29hr
96602TLA CSTM LOCAL04.5805.2700.29hr
96304ABH CSTM LOCAL05.0605.3500.29hr
96104KJT CSTM LOCAL05.1605.4500.29hr
97002KYN CSTM LOCAL05.2205.5100.29hr
96604TLA CSTM LOCAL05.2905.5800.29hr
97308TNA CSTM LOCAL05.3406.0300.29hr
97310TNA CSTM LOCAL05.4606.1500.29hr
96306ABH CSTM LOCAL05.5106.2000.29hr
95702KYN CSTM SEMI FAST05.5606.2100.25hr
97312TNA CSTM LOCAL05.5806.2700.29hr
96606TLA CSTM LOCAL06.0206.3100.29hr
96106KJT CSTM LOCAL06.0606.3500.29hr
97314TNA CSTM LOCAL06.1006.3900.29hr
96308ABH CSTM LOCAL06.1406.4300.29hr
96402KSRA CSTM LOCAL06.1806.4700.29hr
97316TNA CSTM LOCAL06.2606.5500.29hr
97202DI CSTM LOCAL06.3006.5900.29hr
96608TLA CSTM LOCAL06.3407.0300.29hr
97318TNA CSTM LOCAL06.3807.0700.29hr
96202BUD CSTM LOCAL06.4207.1100.29hr
97004KYN CSTM LOCAL06.4607.1500.29hr
96404KSRA CSTM LOCAL06.5207.2100.29hr
97006KYN CSTM LOCAL06.5607.2500.29hr
97320TNA CSTM LOCAL07.0007.2900.29hr
96310ABH CSTM LOCAL07.0607.3500.29hr
96610TLA CSTM LOCAL07.1007.3900.29hr
97322TNA CSTM LOCAL07.1407.4300.29hr
96204BUD CSTM LOCAL07.1807.4700.29hr
97008KYN CSTM LOCAL07.2607.5500.29hr
96502ASO CSTM LOCAL07.3508.0500.30hr
97324TNA CSTM LOCAL07.3908.0900.30hr
96612TLA CSTM LOCAL07.4308.1200.29hr
96206BUD CSTM LOCAL07.4708.1600.29hr
97326TNA CSTM LOCAL07.5508.2400.29hr
97014KYN CSTM LOCAL07.5908.2800.29hr
97204DI CSTM LOCAL08.0308.3200.29hr
97328TNA CSTM LOCAL08.0708.3600.29hr
97330TNA CSTM LOCAL08.1108.4000.29hr
97016KYN CSTM LOCAL08.1708.4600.29hr
97206DI CSTM LOCAL08.2108.5000.29hr
97332TNA CSTM LOCAL08.2508.5400.29hr
96504ASO CSTM LOCAL08.2908.5800.29hr
97018KYN CSTM LOCAL08.3209.0100.29hr
97334TNA CSTM LOCAL08.3609.0500.29hr
97020KYN CSTM LOCAL08.4009.0900.29hr
97022KYN CSTM LADIES SPL08.4409.1300.29hr
97336TNA CSTM LOCAL08.4709.1600.29hr
96614TLA CSTM LOCAL08.5109.2000.29hr
97338TNA CSTM LOCAL08.5909.2800.29hr
97024KYN CSTM LOCAL09.0309.3200.29hr
97340TNA CSTM LOCAL09.1209.4200.30hr
97208DI CSTM LOCAL09.1609.4500.29hr
97342TNA CSTM LOCAL09.2009.4900.29hr
97344TNA CSTM LOCAL09.2809.5700.29hr
96618TLA CSTM LOCAL09.3210.0100.29hr
97210DI CSTM LOCAL09.3810.0900.31hr
97346TNA CSTM LOCAL09.4210.1300.31hr
97348TNA CSTM LOCAL09.5310.2200.29hr
96210BUD CSTM LOCAL09.5710.2600.29hr
97350TNA CSTM LOCAL10.0210.3100.29hr
97026KYN CSTM LOCAL10.0610.3500.29hr
97352TNA CSTM LOCAL10.0910.3800.29hr
97028KYN CSTM LOCAL10.1210.4100.29hr
97354TNA CSTM LOCAL10.1810.4700.29hr
97356TNA CSTM LOCAL10.3010.5900.29hr
97030KYN CSTM LOCAL10.3411.0300.29hr
96508ASO CSTM LOCAL10.3811.0700.29hr
97358TNA CSTM LOCAL10.4211.1100.29hr
97032KYN CSTM LOCAL10.4811.1700.29hr
97360TNA CSTM LOCAL10.5411.2300.29hr
97034KYN CSTM LOCAL10.5911.2800.29hr
97362TNA CSTM LOCAL11.0411.3300.29hr
97036KYN CSTM LOCAL11.0811.3700.29hr
97214DI CSTM LOCAL11.1311.4200.29hr
96510ASO CSTM LOCAL11.1711.4600.29hr
96212BUD CSTM LOCAL11.3011.5900.29hr
97364TNA CSTM LOCAL11.3412.0300.29hr
97216DI CSTM LOCAL11.3812.0700.29hr
97042KYN CSTM LOCAL11.4212.1100.29hr
97366TNA CSTM LOCAL11.4912.1800.29hr
96622TLA CSTM LOCAL11.5312.2200.29hr
96312ABH CSTM LOCAL11.5712.2600.29hr
96214BUD CSTM LOCAL12.0812.3700.29hr
97368TNA CSTM LOCAL12.1212.4100.29hr
96314ABH CSTM LOCAL12.1612.4500.29hr
96624TLA CSTM LOCAL12.2012.4900.29hr
97218DI CSTM LOCAL12.2412.5300.29hr
96216BUD CSTM LOCAL12.3213.0100.29hr
97052KYN CSTM LOCAL12.3613.0500.29hr
96512ASO CSTM LOCAL12.4013.0900.29hr
97220DI CSTM LOCAL12.4413.1300.29hr
96218BUD CSTM LOCAL12.4813.1700.29hr
96626TLA CSTM LOCAL12.5613.2500.29hr
96316ABH CSTM LOCAL13.0013.2900.29hr
96220BUD CSTM LOCAL13.0413.3300.29hr
97370TNA CSTM LOCAL13.0813.3700.29hr
96318ABH CSTM LOCAL13.1313.4200.29hr
96628TLA CSTM LOCAL13.1713.4600.29hr
97058KYN CSTM LOCAL13.2113.5000.29hr
96222BUD CSTM LOCAL13.2513.5400.29hr
97222DI CSTM LOCAL13.3114.0000.29hr
97060KYN CSTM LOCAL13.3514.0400.29hr
97372TNA CSTM LOCAL13.4014.0900.29hr
96630TLA CSTM LOCAL13.4314.1200.29hr
96320ABH CSTM LOCAL13.4714.1600.29hr
97062KYN CSTM LOCAL13.5114.2000.29hr
96632TLA CSTM LOCAL13.5714.2600.29hr
97224DI CSTM LOCAL14.0514.3400.29hr
97066KYN CSTM LOCAL14.0914.3800.29hr
97374TNA CSTM LOCAL14.1414.4300.29hr
96634TLA CSTM LOCAL14.1814.4700.29hr
97068KYN CSTM LOCAL14.2614.5500.29hr
96322ABH CSTM LOCAL14.3014.5900.29hr
97376TNA CSTM LOCAL14.3415.0300.29hr
97070KYN CSTM LOCAL14.3815.0700.29hr
97228DI CSTM LOCAL14.4215.1100.29hr
96636TLA CSTM LOCAL14.5015.1900.29hr
97074KYN CSTM LOCAL14.5415.2300.29hr
96324ABH CSTM LOCAL14.5815.2700.29hr
97378TNA CSTM LOCAL15.0415.3300.29hr
97076KYN CSTM LOCAL15.0815.3700.29hr
97078KYN CSTM LOCAL15.1515.4400.29hr
96326ABH CSTM LOCAL15.1915.4800.29hr
97080KYN CSTM LOCAL15.2315.5200.29hr
97380TNA CSTM LOCAL15.2715.5600.29hr
97230DI CSTM LOCAL15.3116.0000.29hr
97082KYN CSTM LOCAL15.3816.0700.29hr
96638TLA CSTM LOCAL15.4216.1100.29hr
97084KYN CSTM LOCAL15.4816.1700.29hr
97384TNA CSTM LOCAL15.5316.2200.29hr
96640TLA CSTM LOCAL16.0216.3100.29hr
97386TNA CSTM LOCAL16.0616.3500.29hr
97232DI CSTM LOCAL16.1016.3900.29hr
97088KYN CSTM LOCAL16.1516.4400.29hr
97090KYN CSTM LOCAL16.2116.5400.33hr
96642TLA CSTM LOCAL16.3417.0300.29hr
97388TNA CSTM LOCAL16.3817.0700.29hr
97390TNA CSTM LOCAL16.4217.1100.29hr
97392TNA CSTM LOCAL16.4617.1500.29hr
97096KYN CSTM LOCAL16.5017.1800.28hr
97394TNA CSTM LOCAL16.5417.2200.28hr
97396TNA CSTM LOCAL17.0717.3500.28hr
97398TNA CSTM LOCAL17.1117.3900.28hr
97100KYN CSTM LOCAL17.1417.4200.28hr
97234DI CSTM LOCAL17.1817.4600.28hr
97400TNA CSTM LOCAL17.2217.5000.28hr
97236DI CSTM LOCAL17.2917.5700.28hr
97404TNA CSTM LOCAL17.3318.0100.28hr
97406TNA CSTM LOCAL17.3718.0500.28hr
97238DI CSTM LOCAL17.4818.1700.29hr
97410TNA CSTM LOCAL17.5418.2400.30hr
97102KYN CSTM LOCAL17.5818.2800.30hr
97412TNA CSTM LOCAL18.0418.3300.29hr
97104KYN CSTM LOCAL18.1318.4300.30hr
97414TNA CSTM LOCAL18.1718.4700.30hr
97416TNA CSTM LOCAL18.2218.5100.29hr
97418TNA CSTM LOCAL18.2818.5700.29hr
97242DI CSTM LOCAL18.3219.0100.29hr
97106KYN CSTM LOCAL18.4419.1300.29hr
97244DI CSTM LOCAL18.5619.2500.29hr
97424TNA CSTM LOCAL19.0019.2900.29hr
97110KYN CSTM LOCAL19.0419.3300.29hr
97112KYN CSTM LOCAL19.1619.4500.29hr
97246DI CSTM LOCAL19.2519.5400.29hr
97116KYN CSTM LOCAL19.3220.0100.29hr
96516ASO CSTM LOCAL19.3620.0500.29hr
97430TNA CSTM LOCAL19.4220.1100.29hr
97120KYN CSTM LOCAL19.4620.1500.29hr
97432TNA CSTM LOCAL19.5020.1900.29hr
97124KYN CSTM LOCAL19.5720.2600.29hr
97434TNA CSTM LOCAL20.0120.3000.29hr
97248DI CSTM LOCAL20.0520.3400.29hr
97126KYN CSTM LOCAL20.0920.3800.29hr
97436TNA CSTM LOCAL20.1520.4400.29hr
97130KYN CSTM LOCAL20.2320.5200.29hr
96328ABH CSTM LOCAL20.3721.0600.29hr
96646TLA CSTM LOCAL20.4921.1800.29hr
97438TNA CSTM LOCAL20.5321.2200.29hr
97250DI CSTM LOCAL20.5721.2600.29hr
96518ASO CSTM LOCAL21.0521.3400.29hr
97252DI CSTM LOCAL21.0921.3800.29hr
97138KYN CSTM LOCAL21.1421.4300.29hr
96648TLA CSTM LOCAL21.1821.4700.29hr
97440TNA CSTM LOCAL21.3322.0200.29hr
96650TLA CSTM LOCAL21.4022.0900.29hr
97254DI CSTM LOCAL21.4422.1300.29hr
97144KYN CSTM LOCAL21.4822.1700.29hr
96652TLA CSTM LOCAL21.5722.2600.29hr
97146KYN CSTM LOCAL22.0222.3100.29hr
96330ABH CSTM LOCAL22.1222.4100.29hr
96654TLA CSTM LOCAL22.2122.5000.29hr
96332ABH CSTM LOCAL22.2822.5700.29hr
97258DI CSTM LOCAL22.3223.0100.29hr
96226BUD CSTM LOCAL22.3923.0800.29hr
97150KYN CSTM LOCAL22.4823.1700.29hr
97260DI CSTM LOCAL22.5223.2100.29hr
96334ABH CSTM LOCAL22.5623.2500.29hr
96228BUD CSTM LOCAL23.0023.2900.29hr
96656TLA CSTM LOCAL23.0423.3300.29hr
97152KYN CSTM LOCAL23.0923.3800.29hr
96112KJT CSTM LOCAL23.1723.4700.30hr
96520ASO CSTM LOCAL23.3200.0200.30hr
96406KSRA CSTM LOCAL23.5900.2800.29hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Bhandup and Parel?
    There are 210 trains beween Bhandup and Parel.
  2. When does the first train leave from Bhandup?
    The first train from Bhandup to Parel is Khopoli Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96020) departs at 00.16 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Bhandup?
    The first train from Bhandup to Parel is Kasara Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96406) departs at 23.59 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Parel and its timing?
    The fastest train from Bhandup to Parel is Kalyan Junction Mumbai Cst SEMI FAST (95702) departs at 05.56 and train runs on M Tu W Th F Sa. It covers the distance of 19km in 00.25 hrs.