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Bhandup (BND) to Titvala (TLA) Trains

from Bhandup to Titvala
96653CSTM TLA LOCAL00.0401.0200.58hr
96655CSTM TLA LOCAL00.2801.2700.59hr
96401CSTM KSRA LOCAL00.5901.5500.56hr
96403CSTM KSRA LOCAL04.5905.5500.56hr
96601VVH TLA LOCAL05.0406.0200.58hr
96603VVH TLA LOCAL05.2506.2300.58hr
96405CSTM KSRA LOCAL05.4406.4000.56hr
96505CSTM ASO LOCAL05.5606.5200.56hr
96605CSTM TLA LOCAL06.1207.1000.58hr
96607CSTM TLA LOCAL06.3607.3801.02hr
96507CSTM ASO LOCAL06.4607.4400.58hr
96609VVH TLA LOCAL07.0007.5900.59hr
96611CSTM TLA LOCAL07.1408.1401.00hr
96613CSTM TLA LOCAL07.4408.4401.00hr
96511CSTM ASO LOCAL08.2609.2200.56hr
96617CSTM TLA LOCAL10.4111.4000.59hr
96619CSTM TLA LOCAL11.4812.4901.01hr
96621CSTM TLA LOCAL12.0813.0801.00hr
96623CSTM TLA LOCAL12.3813.3600.58hr
96625CSTM TLA LOCAL13.2814.2600.58hr
96627CSTM TLA LOCAL13.5714.5600.59hr
96515CSTM ASO LOCAL14.1415.1200.58hr
96629CSTM TLA LOCAL14.2615.2300.57hr
96631CSTM TLA LOCAL14.5215.5000.58hr
96633CSTM TLA LOCAL15.3016.2800.58hr
96517CSTM ASO LOCAL15.4416.4000.56hr
96635CSTM TLA LOCAL16.0417.0200.58hr
96637CSTM TLA LOCAL16.1517.1701.02hr
96639CSTM TLA LOCAL17.0518.0501.00hr
95615CSTM TLA FAST19.1520.0100.46hr
96641CSTM TLA LOCAL19.1820.1801.00hr
96643CSTM TLA LOCAL20.4921.4800.59hr
96645CSTM TLA LOCAL21.1622.1701.01hr
96519CSTM ASO LOCAL21.4022.3700.57hr
96647CSTM TLA LOCAL22.0423.0401.00hr
96409CSTM KSRA LOCAL22.1623.1400.58hr
96649CSTM TLA LOCAL22.4423.4501.01hr
96651CSTM TLA LOCAL23.3500.3400.59hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Bhandup and Titvala?
    There are 38 trains beween Bhandup and Titvala.
  2. When does the first train leave from Bhandup?
    The first train from Bhandup to Titvala is Mumbai Cst Titvala LOCAL (96653) departs at 00.04 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Bhandup?
    The first train from Bhandup to Titvala is Mumbai Cst Titvala LOCAL (96651) departs at 23.35 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Titvala and its timing?
    The fastest train from Bhandup to Titvala is Mumbai Cst Titvala FAST (95615) departs at 19.15 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 38km in 00.46 hrs.