from Bhilai to Sarona
68730DGG R MEMU05.4106.0100.20hr
68702DURG R MEMU06.4207.0200.20hr
68710DGG R MEMU07.1207.4300.31hr
78816DRZ R DMU08.2208.4400.22hr
68704DURG R MEMU09.3610.0600.30hr
68724G R MEMU10.3210.5200.20hr
68706DGG BSP MEMU14.3214.5400.22hr
58206ITR R PASS16.3917.0900.30hr
68708DURG R MEMU17.1817.4500.27hr
68726DURG R MEMU22.2222.4600.24hr
from Bhilai Power House to Sarona
58118G JSG PASS08.3109.0200.31hr

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