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Bhilwara (BHL) to Chittaurgarh (COR) Trains

from Bhilwara
22986RAJ HAMSAFAR EXP01.25Chanderiya02.3801.13hr
82654JP YPR SUVIDHA02.15Chittaurgarh03.4001.25hr
79302BHL RTM DEMU02.35Chittaurgarh05.0002.25hr
19665KURJ UDZ EXP03.10Chittaurgarh04.0500.55hr
12981CHETAK EXP04.16Chittaurgarh05.1500.59hr
13424AII BGP EXP08.05Chanderiya09.1501.10hr
09721JP UDZ SF T SPL10.17Chanderiya11.1000.53hr
59603AII UDZ PASS11.05Chittaurgarh13.2002.15hr
19610HW UDZ EXP12.17Chittaurgarh14.0001.43hr
14801JU INDB EXP15.06Chittaurgarh16.4501.39hr
12992JP UDZ EXP18.11Chittaurgarh19.0500.54hr
19413KOLKATA EXPRESS18.43Chittaurgarh19.5501.12hr
02732JP HYB SPL19.35Chittaurgarh20.5501.20hr
12719JP HYB SF EXP19.35Chittaurgarh20.5501.20hr
17019JP HYB EXPRESS19.35Chittaurgarh20.5501.20hr
19608MDJN KOAA EXP21.35Chittaurgarh23.0001.25hr
18010SANTRAGACHI EXP21.35Chittaurgarh23.0001.25hr
11204JP NGP EXP21.35Chittaurgarh23.0001.25hr
20902AII BDTS LINK SF22.11Chittaurgarh23.1501.04hr
12315ANNANYA EXPRES22.30Chittaurgarh23.5001.20hr
22996AII BDTS SF EXP22.30Chittaurgarh23.4001.10hr
19711JP BPL EXP23.15Chittaurgarh00.4501.30hr
19602NJP UDZ EXPRESS23.50Chittaurgarh01.2001.30hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Bhilwara and Chittaurgarh?
    There are 23 trains beween Bhilwara and Chittaurgarh.
  2. When does the first train leave from Bhilwara?
    The first train from Bhilwara to Chittaurgarh is RAJ HAMSAFAR EXP (22986) departs at 01.25 and train runs on M.
  3. When does the last train leave from Bhilwara?
    The first train from Bhilwara to Chittaurgarh is New Jalpaiguri Udaipur City EXPRESS (19602) departs at 23.50 and train runs on Tu.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Chittaurgarh and its timing?
    The fastest train from Bhilwara to Chittaurgarh is Jaipur Jn Udaipur City SUPERFAST SPECIAL (09721) departs at 10.17 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 46km in 00.53 hrs.