10 Trains Bhubaneswar (BBS) to Gondia Jn (G) - eRail.in

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TrainTrain NameFromDep.ToArr.TravelRMTWTFSS1A2A3ACCFCSL2S
12146PURI LTT SUP EXBBS22.40G15.3816.58XXXX
12843PURI ADI EXPKUR18.40G12.3517.55XXXXXXX
12880BBS LTT SF EXPBBS07.10G21.4314.33XXXXX
18405PURI ADI EXPBBS19.40G12.3516.55XXXX
20813PURI JU EXPRESSBBS17.15G08.3015.15XXXXX
22974PURI GIMB EXPKUR11.40G05.5818.18XXXX
12994PURI GIMB EXPBBS21.00G12.3515.35XXXX
22827PURI SURAT EXPBBS21.00G12.3515.35XXXXX
18407PURI SNSI EXPBBS00.10G17.2517.15XXXXX
18421PURI AJMER EXPBBS00.10G15.3815.28XXXXX

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