from Bonidanga to Barharwa Jn
53035AZ BHW PASS01.1401.3500.21hr
53021AZ BGP PASS05.4806.1200.24hr
53433AZ BHW PASS11.1711.5500.38hr
53402MLDT SBG PASS17.3417.5000.16hr
53029AZ BGP PASS19.0519.3000.25hr
from Gumani to Barharwa Jn
53075RPH BHW PASS00.4300.5500.12hr
13403VANANCHAL EXP05.2405.5500.31hr
53137RPH BHW PASS06.2506.3500.10hr
53403RPH GAYA PASS07.1008.1201.02hr
53405RPH SBG PASS09.1609.2900.13hr
53063BWN BHW PASS10.4111.3000.49hr
53041HWH JYG PGR15.0415.5000.46hr
53043HWH RGD PASS17.3518.5201.17hr
53073RPH SBG PASS22.1122.4100.30hr
from New Farakka Jn to Barharwa Jn
14055BRAHMPUTRA MAIL04.2405.0000.36hr
15648GHY LTT EXPRESS04.4905.2600.37hr
13409MLDT JMP INTRCTY06.1406.5200.38hr
14003MLDT NDLS EXPRES09.4210.2200.40hr
13413FARAKKA EXPRESS19.5220.2500.33hr
13483FARAKKA EXPRESS19.5220.2500.33hr
13415MLDT PNBE EXPRES21.0421.3600.32hr
15620KYQ GYA WKLY EXP21.0421.3600.32hr

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