from Chennai Central to Tada
42401MAS SPE LOCAL04.2006.0001.40hr
42403MAS SPE LOCAL05.0006.3801.38hr
66025MAS SPE LOCAL05.3007.0801.38hr
42407MAS SPE LOCAL07.3009.0801.38hr
66035MAS SPE MEMU07.4509.2801.43hr
42409MAS SPE LOCAL08.3510.1301.38hr
42411MAS SPE LOCAL09.5511.3101.36hr
42413MAS SPE LOCAL12.4014.1901.39hr
66027MAS SPE LOCAL13.4015.1801.38hr
42417MAS SPE LOCAL15.3517.1301.38hr
57239MAS GDR PASS15.5518.0902.14hr
42419MAS SPE LOCAL18.0019.3801.38hr
42421MAS SPE LOCAL19.0520.4301.38hr
42423MAS SPE LOCAL20.3522.1801.43hr
from Chennai Beach Jn to Tada
42851VLCY SPE LOCAL14.4016.3301.53hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019