from Chennai Egmore to Palur
40801MSB CJ FAST05.5007.4101.51hr
40701MSB TMLP LOCAL07.1509.0601.51hr
40751MSB TMLP LOCAL07.1509.0601.51hr
66041MSB TMLP LOCAL10.0011.5601.56hr
40755MSB TMLP LOCAL13.4015.3601.56hr
40705MSB TMLP LOCAL13.4515.3601.51hr
40803MSB CJ FAST15.3517.2101.46hr
40757MSB TMLP LOCAL18.1019.4901.39hr
40707MSB TMLP FAST18.2519.4901.24hr
40709MSB TMLP LOCAL19.1921.1601.57hr
40759MSB TMLP LOCAL19.2021.1601.56hr
40761MSB TMLP LOCAL20.3022.0901.39hr
40711MSB TMLP FAST20.3222.0901.37hr
from Chengalpattu Jn to Palur
40901CGL TMLP LOCAL05.1505.3100.16hr
56006CGL AJJ PASS08.2008.3600.16hr
56042PDY TPTY PASS18.1518.3100.16hr
56004CGL AJJ PASS20.2520.4100.16hr

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