from Dd Upadhyaya Jn to Kota Jn
12942PARASNATH EXP03.1517.5014.35hr
12948AZIMABAD EXPRESS03.1917.5014.31hr
19670HUMSAFAR EXPRESS03.5001.5522.05hr
12938GARBHA EXPRESS09.1500.0514.50hr
15636DWARKA EXPRESS09.1706.1520.58hr
15668KYQ GIMB EXPRESS09.1907.0521.46hr
13237PNBE KOTA EXP15.4212.5521.13hr
13239PNBE KOTA EXP15.4212.5521.13hr
13423BGP AII EXPRESS23.0616.2517.19hr
from Varanasi City to Kota Jn
09412BCY ADI SPL10.3007.0520.35hr
from Varanasi Jn to Kota Jn
22970BSB OKHA SF EXP21.5512.0514.10hr

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