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H Sahib Nanded (NED) to Purna Jn (PAU) Trains

from H Sahib Nanded to Purna Jn
02731HYB JP SPL00.1000.4000.30hr
12720HYB JP SUP EXP01.2002.0000.40hr
01703SC JBP SPL01.2502.0500.40hr
17213NS NSL EXP01.3002.2300.53hr
11206NZB LTT EXP01.3002.2300.53hr
51422NZB PUNE PASS02.4503.2500.40hr
17417TPTY SNSI EXP03.1504.0000.45hr
19714SC JP EXP03.1504.0000.45hr
18503VSKP SNSI EXP03.4004.2500.45hr
17231NS NSL EXP03.4004.2500.45hr
11046DIKSHABHUMI EXP03.4504.2500.40hr
16733RMM OKHA EXPRES05.1505.5300.38hr
16003MAS NSL EXPRESS05.1505.5300.38hr
17688MARATHWADA EXP05.3006.0300.33hr
16593NED SBC EXP06.0006.3300.33hr
17609PNBE PAU EXP06.1507.1000.55hr
19302YPR INDB EXP06.1507.3001.15hr
11012NED LTT EXPRESS06.3006.5500.25hr
57563HYB PBN PAS06.4008.0001.20hr
11084TADOBA EXPRESS07.1008.2501.15hr
57554ADB PRLI PASS08.1009.1501.05hr
12765TPTY AMI SUP EXP08.4009.3000.50hr
17623NED SGNR EXP09.0009.3000.30hr
12715SACHKHAND EXP09.3010.0500.35hr
17618TAPOVAN EXP10.0510.4000.35hr
12485NED SGNR EXPRES11.0011.3000.30hr
12421NED ASR SUP EXP11.0011.3000.30hr
22457NED UHL SF EXP11.0011.3000.30hr
17620NED AWB EXP11.5012.2800.38hr
57561KCG MMR PASS12.3513.2000.45hr
17639KCG AK EXP13.2514.1500.50hr
17641KCG NRKR EXP13.2514.1500.50hr
51433NZB PVR PASS16.0516.5500.50hr
11402NANDIGRAM EXP16.4517.3500.50hr
17614NED PNVL EXP17.3018.0600.36hr
17058DEVAGIRI EXP18.0518.4000.35hr
57542NED MMR PASS18.4519.2300.38hr
57552ADB PAU PASS19.3020.4501.15hr
57516NED DD PASNGR20.5021.2500.35hr
12730PUNE EXPRESS21.2021.5300.33hr
17020HYB JP EXP21.2021.5300.33hr
17064AJANTA EXPRESS23.4000.1000.30hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between H Sahib Nanded and Purna Jn?
    There are 42 trains beween H Sahib Nanded and Purna Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from H Sahib Nanded?
    The first train from H Sahib Nanded to Purna Jn is HYDERABAD DECAN JAIPUR JN SPECIAL (02731) departs at 00.10 and train runs on Sa.
  3. When does the last train leave from H Sahib Nanded?
    The first train from H Sahib Nanded to Purna Jn is Secunderabad Jn Manmad Jn AJANTA EXPRESS (17064) departs at 23.40 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Purna Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from H Sahib Nanded to Purna Jn is H SAHIB NANDED LOKMANYATILAK EXPRESS (11012) departs at 06.30 and train runs on Th. It covers the distance of 31km in 00.25 hrs.