from Jakpur to Shyam Chak
38702KGP HWH LOCAL03.1103.2000.09hr
38704KGP HWH LOCAL04.0104.1000.09hr
38802MDN HWH LOCAL04.4404.5300.09hr
38706KGP HWH LOCAL05.3605.4500.09hr
38804MDN HWH LOCAL06.2206.3100.09hr
38708KGP HWH LOCAL07.0607.1500.09hr
38808MDN HWH LOCAL07.1407.2300.09hr
38710KGP HWL LADIES SPL07.2107.3000.09hr
38714KGP HWH FAST07.5108.0000.09hr
38810MDN HWH LOCAL08.2408.3400.10hr
38812MDN HWH LOCAL09.5310.0200.09hr
38716KGP HWH LOCAL11.0711.1600.09hr
38814MDN HWH LOCAL11.4111.5000.09hr
38816MDN HWH LOCAL12.3912.4800.09hr
38818MDN HWH LOCAL13.4413.5300.09hr
38718KGP SRC LOCAL14.1114.2000.09hr
38720KGP HWH LOCAL14.3614.4500.09hr
38820MDN HWH LOCAL15.0415.1300.09hr
38722KGP HWH LOCAL15.2615.3500.09hr
38822MDN HWH LOCAL16.1316.2200.09hr
38824MDN HWH LOCAL16.4116.5000.09hr
38724KGP HWH LOCAL17.2617.3500.09hr
38726KGP HWH LOCAL17.4817.5700.09hr
38826MDN HWH LOCAL18.3818.4700.09hr
38728KGP HWH LOCAL18.5619.0600.10hr
38828MDN HWH LOCAL19.5420.0300.09hr
38730KGP HWH LOCAL20.5121.0200.11hr
38830MDN HWH LOCAL21.3621.4500.09hr
58002PURI SRC PASS22.4522.5800.13hr
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