from Jalalsi P H to Maju Ph
38902AMZ SRC LOCAL04.0704.1000.03hr
38904AMZ HWH LOCAL05.3705.4000.03hr
38906AMZ HWH LOCAL07.0807.1100.03hr
38908AMZ HWH LOCAL08.1208.1500.03hr
38910AMZ HWH LOCAL09.0909.1200.03hr
38912AMZ HWH LOCAL11.0211.0500.03hr
38914AMZ HWH LOCAL13.3213.3500.03hr
38916AMZ SRC LOCAL16.0716.1000.03hr
38918AMZ HWH LOCAL17.2717.3000.03hr
38920AMZ HWH LOCAL18.5218.5500.03hr
38922AMZ HWH LOCAL20.0220.0500.03hr
38924AMZ HWH LOCAL21.1721.2000.03hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019