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Jamia Osmania (JOO) to Yakutpura (YKA) Trains

from Jamia Osmania to Yakutpura
77630SC UR LOCAL04.1904.3200.13hr
47205SC FM LOCAL04.3904.5200.13hr
47171LPI FM LOCAL05.2105.3300.12hr
47172SC FM LOCAL06.0906.2200.13hr
47206HYB FM LOCAL06.3406.4700.13hr
77602MED SC LOCAL06.4907.0200.13hr
47173LPI FM LOCAL06.5107.0300.12hr
47213LPI FM LOCAL07.2607.3800.12hr
47174LPI FM LOCAL08.0608.1900.13hr
77604BMO FM LOCAL08.3308.4400.11hr
47175LPI FM LOCAL08.4108.5300.12hr
47176LPI FM LOCAL09.2609.3800.12hr
47177LPI FM LOCAL09.5910.1200.13hr
67276BG FM MEMU10.2010.3300.13hr
47178LPI FM LOCAL10.2110.3300.12hr
57474BDHN MBNR PASS10.3611.1000.34hr
47208HYB FM LOCAL10.5111.0400.13hr
47212LPI FM LOCAL11.0111.1400.13hr
77680MED FM DEMU11.2911.4200.13hr
47179LPI FM LOCAL11.4111.5300.12hr
47189LPI FM LOCAL12.3012.4300.13hr
47180LPI FM LOCAL12.5613.0800.12hr
47209HYB FM LOCAL13.2713.4100.14hr
47181LPI FM LOCAL13.3613.4900.13hr
47215LPI FM LOCAL14.0614.2000.14hr
47182LPI FM LOCAL14.1614.2900.13hr
47183LPI FM LOCAL15.3115.4300.12hr
47184LPI FM LOCAL15.4515.5700.12hr
47185LPI FM LOCAL16.4116.5300.12hr
47217LPI FM LOCAL16.5617.0800.12hr
47186LPI FM LOCAL17.2417.3600.12hr
77682MED FM DEMU17.4317.5700.14hr
47187LPI FM LOCAL18.0418.1600.12hr
47210LPI FM LOCAL18.3118.4300.12hr
47188LPI FM LOCAL19.0619.2300.17hr
57659SUR FM PASS19.1519.3700.22hr
47190LPI FM LOCAL19.3619.4900.13hr
67278ZN FM MEMU19.3819.5900.21hr
47191LPI FM LOCAL20.1420.2600.12hr
47219LPI FM LOCAL20.3420.4700.13hr
47192LPI FM LOCAL21.1621.2800.12hr
47193LPI FM LOCAL21.4621.5800.12hr
47159LPI FM LOCAL22.0622.1900.13hr
47194LPI FM LOCAL22.4122.5400.13hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Jamia Osmania and Yakutpura?
    There are 44 trains beween Jamia Osmania and Yakutpura.
  2. When does the first train leave from Jamia Osmania?
    The first train from Jamia Osmania to Yakutpura is Secunderabad Jn Umdanagar LOCAL (77630) departs at 04.19 and train runs on M Tu W F Sa Su.
  3. When does the last train leave from Jamia Osmania?
    The first train from Jamia Osmania to Yakutpura is Lingampalli Falaknuma LOCAL (47194) departs at 22.41 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Yakutpura and its timing?
    The fastest train from Jamia Osmania to Yakutpura is Bolarum Falaknuma LOCAL (77604) departs at 08.33 and train runs on M Tu W F Sa Su. It covers the distance of 7km in 00.11 hrs.