from Jhaluarbar to Jalalsi P H
38901SRC AMZ LOCAL04.2505.0300.38hr
38903HWH AMZ LOCAL05.5206.3400.42hr
38905HWH AMZ LOCAL07.0107.4400.43hr
38907HWH AMZ LOCAL09.2510.0800.43hr
38909HWH AMZ LOCAL11.2112.0100.40hr
38911SRC AMZ LOCAL14.4915.2600.37hr
38913HWH AMZ LOCAL16.0516.4400.39hr
38915HWH AMZ LOCAL17.2618.0400.38hr
38917HWH AMZ LOCAL18.5319.3100.38hr
38919HWH AMZ LOCAL20.0120.3900.38hr
38921HWH AMZ LOCAL21.1621.5400.38hr
38923HWH AMZ LOCAL22.2823.0600.38hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019