from Jhantipahari to Bankura
58016ADRA HWH PASS05.0105.2200.21hr
58602ADRA KGP PASS06.0906.3300.24hr
12828PRR HWH EXP06.4307.0000.17hr
68090ADRA MDN MEMU08.5209.1300.21hr
58604GMO KGP PASS10.2010.5000.30hr
22876PRR KGP EXP13.1313.3500.22hr
58026HTE KGP PASS14.5115.1500.24hr
68088DHN BQA MEMU17.2517.5500.30hr
68098ADRA GBA MEMU18.0518.2800.23hr
58018ASN KGP PASS19.0419.3000.26hr
68086RNC GBA PASS19.5820.2000.22hr
68084ADRA VSU MEMU20.5021.1100.21hr
68082ADRA BQA MEMU21.4522.0600.21hr
58014BKSC HWH PAS22.3422.5700.23hr
58012CKP HWH PAS22.3422.5700.23hr
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