from Jhapater Dhal to Bhedia
53417BWN MLDT PASS05.4106.1300.32hr
53063BWN BHW PASS06.5607.3100.35hr
63581BWN RPH MEMU09.3410.0200.28hr
53041HWH JYG PGR10.3011.0500.35hr
53043HWH RGD PASS13.4914.2700.38hr
63141SDAH RPH PASS15.0915.3700.28hr
73011BWN RPH DMU16.4017.1100.31hr
63583BWN RPH MEMU18.0418.3300.29hr
53047VISWAVARATI PASS19.0219.4000.38hr
53069BWN RPH PASS20.4321.1500.32hr
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