from Jharsuguda Jn to Visakhapatnam
13351DHN ALAPPUZHA E20.5009.1012.20hr
18189TATA ALLP EXP20.5009.1012.20hr
22837DHARTI AABA EXP22.4009.3510.55hr
18111TATA YPR EXP22.4009.3510.55hr
12835HTE YPR EXPRESS22.4009.3510.55hr
12889TATA YPR EXP22.4009.3510.55hr
13576JSME TBM EXP22.4009.3510.55hr
12376ASN MAS EXPRESS22.4009.3510.55hr
18637HTE BNC EXP22.4009.3510.55hr
from Jharsuguda Road to Visakhapatnam
18508HIRAKUD EXP08.1523.5015.35hr
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