from Jibanti H to Azimganj
53435KWAE AZ PASS07.2808.2000.52hr
53005KWAE AZ PASS09.4010.2000.40hr
53007KWAE RPH PASS10.2511.1000.45hr
53009KWAE AZ PASS13.1914.0000.41hr
53011KWAE AZ PASS15.0515.5000.45hr
73031KWAE AZ DEMU15.5816.3500.37hr
53013KWAE AZ PASS17.1618.0000.44hr
53015KWAE AZ PASS20.1720.4500.28hr
53017KWAE AZ PASS20.4821.3500.47hr
53001HWH AZ PASS21.1222.0000.48hr
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