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Jogeshwari (JOS) to Matunga Road (MRU) Trains

from Jogeshwari to Matunga Road
91162BVI CCG LOCAL00.0800.3100.23hr
91166BVI CCG LOCAL00.2100.4400.23hr
91170BVI CCG LOCAL00.3300.5600.23hr
91174BVI CCG LOCAL00.4601.0800.22hr
91182VIRAR CCG LOCAL00.5401.1800.24hr
90004BVI CCG LOCAL04.0504.2900.24hr
90006VIRAR CCG LOCAL04.1404.3800.24hr
90008BVI CCG LOCAL04.1804.4200.24hr
90014BVI CCG LOCAL04.2604.4900.23hr
90016BVI CCG LOCAL04.3204.5500.23hr
90018BYR CCG LOCAL04.3604.5900.23hr
90020BVI CCG LOCAL04.4005.0300.23hr
90022VIRAR CCG LOCAL04.4405.1000.26hr
90028BVI CCG LOCAL04.5505.1900.24hr
90030BVI CCG LOCAL04.5905.2300.24hr
90038BVI CCG LOCAL05.0905.3300.24hr
90042VIRAR CCG LOCAL05.1205.3600.24hr
90044BVI CCG LOCAL05.1805.4200.24hr
90046BYR CCG LOCAL05.2105.4500.24hr
90048BVI CCG LOCAL05.2605.5100.25hr
90052BYR CCG LOCAL05.3205.5600.24hr
90054BVI CCG LOCAL05.3606.0000.24hr
90058BYR CCG LOCAL05.4106.0500.24hr
90060BVI CCG LOCAL05.4606.0900.23hr
90062BVI CCG LOCAL05.4906.1200.23hr
90066BYR CCG LOCAL05.5606.1900.23hr
90068BVI CCG LOCAL06.0206.2500.23hr
90072BYR CCG LOCAL06.0706.3200.25hr
90076BVI CCG LOCAL06.1106.3600.25hr
90078BVI CCG LOCAL06.1506.3900.24hr
90082BVI CCG LOCAL06.2206.4700.25hr
90086BVI CCG LOCAL06.2806.5200.24hr
90090BVI CCG LOCAL06.3206.5500.23hr
90096BVI CCG LOCAL06.3907.0100.22hr
90100BVI CCG LOCAL06.4207.0400.22hr
90104BVI CCG LOCAL06.4507.0800.23hr
90106BVI CCG LOCAL06.4607.1100.25hr
90120BVI CCG LOCAL06.5607.1900.23hr
90122BVI CCG LOCAL07.0007.2200.22hr
90126BVI CCG LOCAL07.0307.2500.22hr
90128BVI CCG LOCAL07.0607.2800.22hr
90132BVI CCG LOCAL07.0907.3200.23hr
90142BVI CCG LOCAL07.1607.4100.25hr
90144NSP CCG LOCAL07.1907.4400.25hr
90146BVI CCG LOCAL07.2207.4700.25hr
90154BVI CCG LOCAL07.2907.5200.23hr
90156VR CCG LOCAL07.3207.5500.23hr
90158VR CCG LOCAL07.3507.5800.23hr
90160BVI CCG LOCAL07.3808.0100.23hr
90170BVI CCG LOCAL07.4608.0900.23hr
90174BVI CCG LOCAL07.4908.1400.25hr
90182BVI CCG LADIES SPL07.5708.2100.24hr
90186BVI CCG LOCAL08.0008.2400.24hr
90214BVI CCG LOCAL08.1908.4300.24hr
90220BVI CCG LOCAL08.2208.4600.24hr
90222VIRAR CCG LADIES SPL08.2608.4900.23hr
90228BVI CCG LOCAL08.3108.5500.24hr
90232BVI CCG LOCAL08.3508.5800.23hr
90250BVI CCG LOCAL08.4609.1400.28hr
90260BVI CCG LOCAL08.5709.2000.23hr
90270BVI CCG LOCAL09.0309.2900.26hr
90280BVI CCG LOCAL09.1009.3700.27hr
90282BVI CCG LOCAL09.1409.4100.27hr
90296BVI CCG LOCAL09.2309.4800.25hr
90308BVI CCG LOCAL09.3410.0000.26hr
90310BYR CCG LADIES SPL09.3710.0300.26hr
90318BVI CCG LOCAL09.4410.0900.25hr
90332BVI CCG LOCAL09.5510.1900.24hr
90350BVI CCG LOCAL10.0710.3400.27hr
90368BVI CCG LOCAL10.2010.4500.25hr
90382BVI CCG LOCAL10.2910.5500.26hr
90394BVI CCG LOCAL10.3911.0100.22hr
90406BVI CCG LOCAL10.4711.1000.23hr
90414BVI CCG LOCAL10.5811.2000.22hr
90422BVI CCG LOCAL11.0711.2900.22hr
90428BVI CCG LOCAL11.1411.3700.23hr
90432BVI CCG LOCAL11.1811.4200.24hr
90440BVI CCG LOCAL11.2911.5300.24hr
90448BVI CCG LOCAL11.3612.0000.24hr
90452BVI CCG LOCAL11.3912.0500.26hr
90458BVI CCG LOCAL11.4812.1100.23hr
90466BVI CCG LOCAL11.5612.1900.23hr
90472BVI CCG LOCAL12.0312.2700.24hr
90478BVI CCG LOCAL12.0912.3500.26hr
90484BVI CCG LOCAL12.1812.4100.23hr
90488BVI CCG LOCAL12.2412.4700.23hr
90492BVI CCG LOCAL12.2812.5200.24hr
90498BVI CCG LOCAL12.3112.5500.24hr
90502BVI CCG LOCAL12.3713.0200.25hr
90512BVI CCG LOCAL12.4713.0900.22hr
90518BVI CCG LOCAL12.5313.1500.22hr
90526BVI CCG LOCAL13.0313.2700.24hr
90532BVI CCG LOCAL13.0813.3000.22hr
90538BVI CCG LOCAL13.1613.3800.22hr
90540VIRAR CCG LOCAL13.1913.4300.24hr
90546BVI CCG LOCAL13.2713.5100.24hr
90550BVI CCG LOCAL13.3113.5500.24hr
90554BVI CCG LOCAL13.3513.5900.24hr
90560BVI CCG LOCAL13.3814.0300.25hr
90562BVI CCG LOCAL13.4514.0900.24hr
90568BVI CCG LOCAL13.5214.1400.22hr
90576BVI CCG LOCAL13.5714.2100.24hr
90582BVI CCG LOCAL14.0214.2500.23hr
90586BVI CCG LOCAL14.0914.3200.23hr
90588BVI CCG LOCAL14.1314.3500.22hr
90592BVI CCG LOCAL14.1714.4000.23hr
90598BVI CCG LOCAL14.2414.4600.22hr
90604BVI CCG LOCAL14.2714.4900.22hr
90606BVI CCG LOCAL14.3214.5400.22hr
90612BVI CCG LOCAL14.3614.5900.23hr
90620BVI CCG LOCAL14.4415.0700.23hr
90622BVI CCG LOCAL14.4815.1000.22hr
90630BVI CCG LOCAL14.5615.1900.23hr
90634BVI CCG LOCAL15.0015.2200.22hr
90636BVI CCG LOCAL15.0515.2800.23hr
90648BVI CCG LOCAL15.1715.3900.22hr
90656BVI CCG LOCAL15.3015.5200.22hr
90658BVI CCG LOCAL15.3615.5800.22hr
90664BVI CCG LOCAL15.4116.0500.24hr
90674BVI CCG LOCAL15.5116.1500.24hr
90678BVI CCG LOCAL15.5716.2000.23hr
90682BVI CCG LOCAL16.0316.2600.23hr
90686BVI CCG LOCAL16.0616.2900.23hr
90692BVI CCG LOCAL16.0916.3300.24hr
90700BVI CCG LOCAL16.1616.4100.25hr
90704BVI CCG LOCAL16.2016.4700.27hr
90708BVI CCG LOCAL16.2516.5000.25hr
90712BVI CCG LOCAL16.2916.5400.25hr
90720BVI CCG LOCAL16.3617.0000.24hr
90728BVI CCG LOCAL16.4517.0700.22hr
90730BVI CCG LOCAL16.4817.1100.23hr
90736BVI CCG LOCAL16.5117.1400.23hr
90740BVI CCG LOCAL16.5817.2000.22hr
90750BVI CCG LOCAL17.0617.2800.22hr
90754BVI CCG LOCAL17.1017.3300.23hr
90760BVI CCG LOCAL17.1417.3800.24hr
90768BVI CCG LOCAL17.2117.4300.22hr
90770BSR CCG LOCAL17.2417.4700.23hr
90776BVI CCG LOCAL17.2917.5300.24hr
90784BVI CCG LOCAL17.3317.5900.26hr
90792BVI CCG LOCAL17.4018.0200.22hr
90800BVI CCG LOCAL17.4518.1200.27hr
90802BVI CCG LOCAL17.4818.1500.27hr
90816BVI CCG LOCAL18.0118.2500.24hr
90832BVI CCG LOCAL18.1318.3800.25hr
90842BVI CCG LOCAL18.2018.4500.25hr
90848BVI CCG LOCAL18.2718.5100.24hr
90858BVI CCG LOCAL18.3418.5900.25hr
90868BVI CCG LOCAL18.4619.1000.24hr
90872BVI CCG LOCAL18.4919.1500.26hr
90882VIRAR CCG LOCAL18.5819.2200.24hr
90884BVI CCG LOCAL19.0119.2500.24hr
90896BVI CCG LOCAL19.0819.3100.23hr
90904BVI CCG LOCAL19.1519.3800.23hr
90906BVI CCG LOCAL19.1819.4100.23hr
90912BVI CCG LOCAL19.2219.4700.25hr
90924BVI CCG LOCAL19.3419.5700.23hr
90928BVI CCG LOCAL19.3720.0000.23hr
90932BVI CCG LOCAL19.4220.0400.22hr
90938BVI CCG LOCAL19.4620.1200.26hr
90942BVI CCG LOCAL19.5220.1500.23hr
90946BVI CCG LOCAL19.5620.2000.24hr
90958BVI CCG LOCAL20.0620.3200.26hr
90962BVI CCG LOCAL20.1020.3500.25hr
90964BVI CCG LOCAL20.1420.3800.24hr
90970BVI CCG LOCAL20.1820.4700.29hr
90976BVI CCG LOCAL20.2520.4900.24hr
90982BVI CCG LOCAL20.2820.5400.26hr
90986BVI CCG LOCAL20.3120.5600.25hr
90996BVI CCG LOCAL20.4021.0400.24hr
91002BVI CCG LOCAL20.4621.1000.24hr
91008BVI CCG LOCAL20.5221.1600.24hr
91026BVI CCG LOCAL21.0921.3500.26hr
91036BVI CCG LOCAL21.2021.4400.24hr
91050BVI CCG LOCAL21.3722.0200.25hr
91052BVI CCG LOCAL21.4022.0600.26hr
91056BVI CCG LOCAL21.4822.1100.23hr
91060BVI CCG LOCAL21.5222.1500.23hr
91064BVI CCG LOCAL21.5622.1800.22hr
91068BVI CCG LOCAL22.0022.2500.25hr
91076BVI CCG LOCAL22.0822.3400.26hr
91086BVI CCG LOCAL22.1922.4500.26hr
91096BVI CCG LOCAL22.3022.5300.23hr
91100BVI CCG LOCAL22.3823.0100.23hr
91108BVI CCG LOCAL22.4723.1000.23hr
91114BVI CCG LOCAL22.5523.1800.23hr
91116BVI CCG LOCAL23.0023.2500.25hr
91120BVI CCG LOCAL23.1023.3300.23hr
91124BVI CCG LOCAL23.1723.4300.26hr
91130BVI CCG LOCAL23.2223.4600.24hr
91144BVI CCG LOCAL23.3800.0100.23hr
91146BVI CCG LOCAL23.4100.0500.24hr
91154BVI CCG LOCAL23.5100.1400.23hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Jogeshwari and Matunga Road?
    There are 193 trains beween Jogeshwari and Matunga Road.
  2. When does the first train leave from Jogeshwari?
    The first train from Jogeshwari to Matunga Road is Borivali Churchgate LOCAL (91162) departs at 00.08 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Jogeshwari?
    The first train from Jogeshwari to Matunga Road is Borivali Churchgate LOCAL (91154) departs at 23.51 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Matunga Road and its timing?
    The fastest train from Jogeshwari to Matunga Road is Borivali Churchgate LOCAL (91174) departs at 00.46 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 12km in 00.22 hrs.