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Joravarnagar (JVN) to Surat (ST) Trains

from Joravarnagar to Surat
12946SURAT EXPRESS00.2207.1506.53hr
19260BVC KCVL EXP10.0116.5006.49hr
22964BVC BDTS SF EXP19.5803.0507.07hr
12972BVC BDTS EXPRES21.0703.4506.38hr
59230BVC ST LINK EXP22.3007.1508.45hr
22936PIT BDTS SF EXP22.5606.1007.14hr
from Surendranagar to Surat
19262KOCHUVELI EXP00.3407.1506.41hr
19578JAM TEN EXPRESS00.3407.1506.41hr
22939HAPA BSP EXPRESS02.1408.5006.36hr
19016SAURASHTRA EXP03.2412.2008.56hr
22908HAPA MADGAON EXP06.1313.1707.04hr
16613COIMBATORE EXP07.1714.2507.08hr
17017RJT SC EXPRESS07.1714.2507.08hr
19202PBR SC EXPRESS07.1714.1506.58hr
22962SURAT INTERCITY08.0814.5006.42hr
22960SURAT INTERCITY08.0814.5006.42hr
16333VRL TVC EXPRESS10.1516.5006.35hr
16337OKHA ERS EXP10.1516.5006.35hr
22952BANDRA T EXP11.2218.2507.03hr
11087VERAVAL PUNE EXP14.1320.3306.20hr
16734RAMESWARAM EXP14.1321.0506.52hr
12905PBR HOWRAH EXP14.2821.1006.42hr
22905OKHA HOWRAH EXP14.2821.1006.42hr
22937RAJKOT REWA EXP15.1421.5006.36hr
18402OKHA PURI EXP15.1422.2007.06hr
19218SAU JANATA EXP17.3200.4807.16hr
22992VRL BDTS SUP EXP18.3301.0706.34hr
19570VRL MMCT EXP20.0102.3306.32hr
22946SAURASHTRA MAIL20.0102.3306.32hr
from Surendranagar Gate to Surat
22994MHV BDTS SUP EXP00.0107.2007.19hr
17203BVC KAKINADA EX06.3814.2507.47hr
22990MHV BDTS S FAST16.5823.5006.52hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Joravarnagar and Surat?
    There are 32 trains beween Joravarnagar and Surat.
  2. When does the first train leave from Joravarnagar?
    The first train from Joravarnagar to Surat is Mahuva Jn Bandra Terminus SUPERFAST EXPRESS (22994) departs at 00.01 and train runs on W.
  3. When does the last train leave from Joravarnagar?
    The first train from Joravarnagar to Surat is Palitana Bandra Terminus SUPERFAST EXPRESS (22936) departs at 22.56 and train runs on Sa.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Surat and its timing?
    The fastest train from Joravarnagar to Surat is Veraval Pune Jn VERAVAL EXPRESS (11087) departs at 14.13 and train runs on Sa. It covers the distance of 360km in 06.20 hrs.