from Joychandi Pahar to Madhukunda
68061ADRA ASN MEMU03.5704.2200.25hr
68063ADRA ASN MEMU05.1205.3700.25hr
68065ADRA ASN MEMU07.0207.2700.25hr
63595BKSC ASN MEMU07.4208.0700.25hr
68067ADRA ASN MEMU08.5209.1700.25hr
58017KGP ASN PASS09.5910.2900.30hr
68056TATA ASN MEMU12.2212.4800.26hr
58019ADRA ASN PASS14.4415.1400.30hr
63593PRR ASN MEMU15.3916.0500.26hr
63597RNC ASN MEMU16.4517.1000.25hr
63591BKSC ASN MEMU17.4518.1000.25hr
68069ADRA ASN MEMU18.4719.1200.25hr
68059BBM ASN MEMU20.4221.0700.25hr
from Adra Jn to Madhukunda
13501HLZ ASN EXP19.0519.3300.28hr
13505DIGHA ASANSOL EXP21.0021.2800.28hr

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